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"Greetings Torvalyk Glenu. I am the voice of the automated systems aboard your Ibis Frigate. Let me give you some pointers since this is the first time you have connected as a capsuleer to a Neocom onboard a starship..."

Welcome to the universe of New Eden!

Your pilot is jacked-in to a rookie ship and is ready to fly. What should you do now?

Your first days are going to be spent learning to fly and seeing a little space.


Things You Should Do

  • Take the Crash Course – Running through the full in-game tutorial will help ensure a complete understanding of the basics including flying, fighting, and mining. You’ll find that you will have a solid understanding of the basic game mechanics after taking the Crash Course, which is part of the full tutorial. When done, you’ll have some ISK in your wallet, and you’ll be able to leave your starter ship behind to fly something a little more fancy (and survivable!)
  • Learn the Neocom – These are the menu items leading to the major systems of the game. Most game functions come from the Neocom, so it’s a good idea to try all of the buttons and see what they do.
  • Read Local chat – You may find more experienced capsuleers offering help, or simply chat with other capsuleers to establish a social network or support group. Local chat is usually the window at the bottom right of the screen when you log in for the first time.
  • Join Help chat – The 'Rookie Chat' channel will disappear when your account is 30 days old. Help chat is a useful place to hang out while you are learning how to handle life as a capsuleer. To join a chat channel, open the Channels window by clicking the "speech bubble" icon in the upper left corner of the chat window, type "Help" in the text box labelled "Channels", and click "Join". There are other channels for non-English speakers: click the "Help" category in the channels list for the current list of available languages.
  • Run some missions - Not only do these help you get money quickly, but they help you gain standing, and quickly familiarize you with fighting, navigation, and interaction with the environment.

Start with the Tutorial Agent to learn the basics then proceed to the Career Agents which will introduce you each of the major careers, then undertake the Epic mission arc to learn about the History and Factions of Eve. You can then proceed to the Level 1 agents. Pick an agent and start a conversation. It will lead to an offer to run a mission, and you’ll learn by doing, and make some ISK while you’re at it!

Tutorial agents are the best starting point for pilots who are brand new to New Eden.

Things You Can Do

  • Choose a Career – How do I make money? What defines my pilot character? EVE is a game where you aren’t set in your ways, so it’s more of a pointer to the type of character you’d like to be. Career is used here as a “style of play” as opposed to an actual choice you must make in the game. If you found that you like mining in the Crash Course, you may want to read up on being a good miner, and tailor your character toward that. If it’s PVP that you hunger for, aim that way.
  • Explore - Now that you know the basics, explore EVE! There is an entire galaxy of systems, thousands of people to encounter, and no end to the possibilities you can navigate through. Destiny is yours to create. Bookmark places that you find of interest, so that you can come back later.

Things You Should Not Do

  • Listen to people that tell you that characters of only a few weeks and with less than a million SP are worthless in PvP. Just search a little longer for the right corporation and you will be able to learn the ropes of PvP pretty soon. Easily accessible T1 frigates like the Rifter, Incursus, Punisher and Merlin are flown with great effect by veteran players.
  • Fall victim to a can flip or ninja looting. If you are mining, you might be interested in jet can mining - you jettison your mined ore from the small cargo hold of your mining frigate or cruiser and collect it with a big industrial later. Or you don't grab all the loot in a mission to collect it later with an industrial or maybe even a Noctis. Someone in a tiny ship moves in and steals from you. Don't take the stuff back or shoot at the guy unless you really know what you are doing there. That's his goal. And you can be sure that he knows what he's doing. See Criminal Flagging System for further information.

Keep In Mind

  • Keep track of things you like about EVE. Do I like mining? Do I like blowing things up?
  • Keep track of things that intrigue you. What about wormholes? How do I mine moon materials? You may be a long way from doing these things, but your interests will set you on a career path that eventually gets you there.
  • Do you want to remain solo or join with others? If you like to play in a group, explore player-run corporations. There are many corporations that are recruiting, and you’ll learn so much more from actual players than you will from an EVE Encyclopedia!
  • Do you want to PVP, PVE, manufacture, or fight in the faction wars? Each takes combat skills and ships, but each is different in approach. To begin, though, learning how to shoot in a mission will help in any shooting you do later!
  • EVE is a game. Accept the fact that you’ll lose your ship and the cargo in it. You’ll be set back a minor amount. Don’t worry – you’ll be back up and running in no time! But be cautious, if you put all your eggs into one basket. One often cited rule is: "Don't fly what you cannot afford to lose."
  • When in doubt, ask: other players in local, advice channel, EVElopedia, EVE forums, submit a ticket. There are lots of ways to ask for help, or to get a simple answer to a question. If someone laughs at your question, label them a jerk and target them for destruction. Most people in the game are happy to help.
  • EVE offers a harsh universe. Everything is on the stakes, unless it's in your personal hangar. Be very careful whom to trust. EVE has a great tradition of scams, corporate theft and backstabbing in general. It's part of the game. This video might give you an impression how CCP sees their universe.
1: About EVE Online | 2: Getting Started | 3: Character Creation | 4: The User Interface | 5: Your First Days in Space | 6: Guides | 7: Customer Support | 8: Volunteer Program | 9: Guide Credits
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