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Veldspar is the most commonly found ore in New Eden, populating asteroid belts in every corner of space. When refined it yields a large portion of tritanium, one of the fundamental ingredients in star ship construction. Veldspar occurs naturally in three distinct types. Veldspar, concentrated veldspar, and dense veldspar. They are all identical except in the amount of refined tritanium they hold, with the latter types yielding five and ten percent more respectively.

Often shunned by miners as too mundane to be of any consequence, veldspar can actually bring in large profits if handled correctly. New Eden's economy is insatiable, and nothing is consumed in such vast quantities as tritanium. This need will frequently elevate the price of veldspar far above that of rarer ores. In addition, veldspar can be found more frequently and in larger quantities than anything else, making surveying and logistics a less time consuming task. This quantity over quality approach works best with a well ordered fleet supported by capital industrial ships. Corporations with access to a Rorqual or Orca will quickly see the benefits of harvesting veldspar en masse instead of attempting to squeeze valuable minerals out of much smaller asteroids.

The Veldnaught

Veldspar is the sole target of the Revelation-class Dreadnought "The Veldnaught". The capital ship, piloted by Chribba, can be found roaming Amarr Prime in the search for the ore.

Batch size 100. Per batch this can potentially be refined into

Isogen Megacyte
Mexallon Morphite
Nocxium Pyerite
Tritanium 415 Zydrine
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