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One of the seven tribes of the Minmatar, the Thukker declined to join the Republic in the wake of the Minmatar Rebellion, instead opting to retreat to the Great Wildlands and pursue a nomadic lifestyle there. While they still have ties to the Republic, these actions strained their relationship with the other Tribes, and some still do not trust them.

Recent Events

Having had their shining moment of glory during the Minmatar Invasion, the Thukker tribe are feeling pretty good about themselves. After decades of toil, they finally have a brief moment where they can sit back and smile. There's a degree of uncertainty as to what will happen next - they don't know whether they'll rejoin the other tribes, for example, and they don't know which way the Republic is going to go - but the Thukker thrive on uncertainty, so a healthy bit of political confusion just puts a bigger smile on their faces.

Some Thukkers have settled in Minmatar space, tired of the itinerant life. Their own stations are also home to recently freed or escaped Nefantar and Starkmanir who are awaiting entry to the Republic. They began dimming their lights in the stations in the evenings to help keep people sedate.

It's not all smiles and laughter, though. They are continually reminded of the disastrous landings on Mekhios; when Jamyl Sarum's superweapon obliterated the Elder Fleet in orbit, the predominantly Thukker ground forces were stranded on the surface. While many unpleasant rumors circulate among the caravans, the total absence of any information about their fate is far more disturbing than any lurid story.

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