The Empyrean Age

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Empyrean Age (YC 105 - Present)

The Empyrean Age marked the rise of the capsuleers as heavy hitters in interstellar politics, unfettered by factional or other political ties. Once they rose to the skies, immortal and in charge of gargantuan celestial war machines, nothing would ever be the same.

YC 105

  • The capsule and the clone are joined. Capsuleers begin plying the spaceways and the Empyrean age begins.
  • The Crielere Project begins as a major Caldari-Gallente joint endeavor and perhaps the greatest scientific project ever seen in New Eden.
  • Amarr Emperor Heideran VII had mostly ceased being active in the day-to-day governance of the Amarr Empire, having allowed the Privy Council free reign over Imperial policies. However, when the Holders of Semou petition the Council to be allowed to form their own navies to combat the Blood Raiders in the area, Heideran steps in to deny them. The sudden return to activity shocks the Privy Council, but marks Heideran’s return to Imperial politics.
  • Heideran VII is awarded the Aidonis for contributions to interstellar peace.
  • Heideran VII dies and Succession Trials are held, resulting in Doriam Kor-Azor ascending to the Imperial Throne as Doriam II. Jamyl Sarum, another heir, fakes her ritual suicide following Doriam's ascension, and clones herself.

YC 106

  • The Crielere Project dissolves in acrimony following the revelation that [|Ishukone Corporation]] had been unilaterally appropriating technology from the Caldari-Gallente co-operative project.
  • CONCORD reveal the existence of a series of deep space bases together with a network of 'smuggler gates' linking the lawless outer regions.
  • UDI terrorists strike at a major celebrity event in the Gallente Federation, killing many guests and narrowly missing a chance to assassinate President Souro Foiritan in what becomes known as the 'Elarel Massacre'.
  • President Foiritan succeeds in having the Gallente Federation constitution amended to permit an incumbent president to run for a second term.
  • The Jove Empire assigns Misu Baniya as a roving ambassador to the four major empires and other factions. Baniya is later disassembled in a freak teleporter accident but reconstructed after his molecular fragments are recovered.
  • Major rogue drone infestations are discovered across empire space.
  • CONCORD formally recognizes capsuleer alliances and licenses starbase technology for capsuleer use.

YC 107

  • Zainou Biotech biochemist Ullia Hnolku goes missing, with his wife Eckarine Mitumi-Hnolku, taking with him the formula for Insorzapine bisulfate, known as Insorum
  • A Serpentis strike force hijacks the Molyneux, one of the six Soltueur-class Titans controlled by the Federation Navy.
  • The Blood Raiders initiate a chemical attack on Mabnen I, allegedly using a modified form of Insorum, resulting in a horrific loss of life. This attack goes down in history as the 'Mabnen Incident'.
  • In retaliation for the Mabnen attack, the Amarr Empire goes to war with the Blood Raider Covenant and expels them from the Bleak Lands.
  • Emperor Doriam II is assassinated. Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth assumes interim control of the Empire.

YC 108

  • An explosion in the atmosphere of Reschard V devastates the planet, killing almost all its inhabitants.
  • The Amarr Privy Council lifts the edict of suppression against the Order of St. Tetrimon, clearing the way for the Order to openly return to the Empire. The edict is later reinstated after conflict between the Order and the Theology Council.
  • Gallente Federation Presidential Elections are held with Souro Foiritan winning by a narrow margin.
  • Republic Fleet Captain Karishal Muritor steals a Republic mothership and his Defiants organization begins a long campaign against the Amarr in the Bleak Lands.
  • Violent worker uprisings take place in the Caldari State in Kassigainen and Sirppala systems.
  • Stargates to the 'Drone Regions' are activated and capsuleers rush to exploit these new territories.

YC 109

  • The Defiants succeed in destroying an Amarr battlestation in the Bleak Lands.
  • Karishal Muritor is killed by Republic Fleet forces after refusing to hand himself in at a truce meeting.
  • Royal Heir Aritcio Kor-Azor found guilty of mass transgressions against the people of the Kor-Azor domain by the Speakers of Truth and suffers a traditional penalty stopping just short of death.
  • Continuing worker violence in the Caldari State is suppressed after the Brothers of Freedom organization is dismantled by Caldari security forces.
  • The Amarr 7th Fleet arrives in the Bleak Lands and conflict with the Defiants flares up once more.

YC 110

  • Amarr Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth claims that several Theology Council Justices were at the heart of a conspiracy to assassinate him.
  • Tibus Heth rises to the position of CEO of Caldari Constructions after a worker revolt and buyout. Heth later consolidates his position, forms the Caldari Providence Directorate and assumes control of the Caldari State.
  • The Nyx-class mothership FNS Wandering Saint rams into the Ishukone Headquarters station in Malkalen, killing Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi and over 420,000 people in what becomes known as the 'Malkalen Disaster'.
  • The Elder Fleet attacks and disables CONCORD, starting the Elder War, before mounting a large-scale invasion of the Amarr Empire and Ammatar Mandate.
  • The Caldari State invades the Gallente Federation, occupying Caldari Prime, before a ceasefire is agreed leaving the Caldari homeworld under State control.
  • Jamyl Sarum, long thought dead, returns to the Amarr Empire and repels the Elder Fleet with a mysterious 'superweapon'. Following her victory, she is selected Amarr Empress without any of the usual rituals.
  • CONCORD reasserts its control and activates the 'Emergency Militia War Powers Act', leading to the formation of capsuleer militias by the four empires.
  • Maleatu Shakor is elected unopposed as Prime Minister of the Minmatar Republic.
  • Jamyl Sarum is crowned Empress Jamyl I.
  • The House Kador fleet invades Solitude and is repelled by a vastly superior Gallente fleet.
  • A retaliatory Gallente expeditionary force recovers the traitorous Grand Admiral Anvent Eturrer from Kador space.
  • Royal Khanid Navy operations against the Blood Raider Covenant result in the capture of renegade Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth.
  • Anvent Eturrer and Dochuta Karsoth are executed.
  • Empress Jamyl I orders the emancipation of all slaves of 9th generation and upwards.

YC 111

YC 112

  • First evidence that Sansha's Nation have succeeded in opening Wormholes deliberately, using them for Incursions into empire space.

YC 113

  • Y113.1.24 Sansha Kuvakei leads a fleet of 4 Revenant super carriers in the Yulai to extract core samples, his forces are defeated by Capsuleers and flees to the Promised Land.

YC 114

YC 115

YC 116

  • Current year
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