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New Eden contains over five thousand known solar systems, with a glut of new ones having recently been discovered (discovery in this instance being defined by the ability to squeeze through both ends of a wormhole without getting killed).

Notable systems


There is also a number of system whose exact location or name is as yet unknown:

  • In a remote Caldari system in YC 101 two large comets collided head on, though this did not adversely affect any of that system’s planets. This event was oddly similar to one prophesied in a century-old book called “The Seven Events of the Apocalypse”. [[1]]
  • Where Shakor was ambushed by the Amarr Royal Guard [[2]]
  • The site where Kameiras are trained. [3]
  • A Guristas mining colony was destroyed by Silat Enfour, a capsuleer. The location was in deadspace. It was protected by Guristas ships and had armed turret defenses. It had a military cache attached as well. The colony itself held only civilians and had no escape pods. It was destroyed entirely. [4]
  • A collection of ruins had been inhabited by the Guristas in deadspace. Silat Enfour discovered the acceleration gate and was attacking the location when his ship malfunctioned. The ship was destroyed by the Guristas defenders. [5]
  • There is a nulsec system that is far from the territory of the pirate cartels and has at least 18 planets. The fourth moon of the 18th planet has a rich asteroid belt near it. A capsuleer who had a grudge against his old corp ambushed one of their mining ops there.[6]
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