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Oficial Customer Support


Finding Help

Always search the EVE Online Knowledge Base and the EVElopedia before contacting Customer Support. The information in both locations is frequently updated and new articles are added often, but it might be possible that some information is only available at one location.
In most cases this information will be sufficient to solve your problem.

If the EVElopedia and the Knowledge Base do not answer your question then please do not hesitate to contact customer support.

Requesting Assistance

There are three ways to contact customer support:

Make sure that you provide the following information so that we can solve your problem in the shortest time possible:

For Technical Issues:

Please refer to the Customer Support Information request page for information on how and what to send in those cases.

For Game Play Issues:

Include all pertinent information related to your dilemma, such as username and character name, location, a brief but detailed explanation of the problem and how it occurred, and if you have encountered this problem before.

Reimbursement Requests:

Be very specific in your recounting of the details regarding your loss. Include the names of stations or system names, a brief but detailed explanation of what happened and what was lost, along with the names of other characters that may have been present or involved. Also note the time when the incident occurred, either by the time shown in the lower left corner of the Eve screen or your local time, noting the time zone. Please note that all reimbursement claims are subject to investigation and may take longer than other support ticket types. Verification of the loss must be made before any items may be replaced.

Before filing a support ticket requesting reimbursement, please read our Reimbursement Policy.

Billing & Account issues

Include all information you can think of, such as usernames, character names, email addresses, full name and dates and times of charges in question.

Response Time

Some days, the support ticket load is heavier than others and it may take longer for the game masters to respond. Support tickets are answered in the order by which they are received, according to the seriousness or severity of the issue. Stuck characters or other game-stopping problems take first priority.

Filing a support ticket as a stuck character issue for any other reason is punishable by death. Okay, it's not really, but it should be. Filing frivolous support tickets or intentionally submitting a support ticket under the wrong category may lead to receiving a warning. Again, we ask you to be considerate of your fellow Eve players and avoid overloading the GM queue unnecessarily or abusing the triage system by which support tickets are assessed and resolved.

Hours of Operation

Game Masters are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Game masters are customer service representatives. They are paid employees and handle all of the customer service for Eve. There are official volunteers in the game as well to help players, specially to be found in the help channels.

Can´t I directly ask a Game Master, when I see him in-game?

When you encounter a game master in the Eve world, chances are he is there to assist another player. If he allows himself to get bogged down by chatting with players or trying to resolve issues that have not been properly submitted, then players, who have been waiting in the queue before you, will have to wait longer for assistance. It is only fair that matters be handled on a "first come, first served" basis, according to the severity of the issue. Please be considerate of others and follow the proper procedure for getting GM assistance.

Reporting Bugs

When you found a bug in EVE, where you don´t need help from Customer Support, but you just want to report it, then you may want to check how to write a bug report.

1: About EVE Online | 2: Getting Started | 3: Character Creation | 4: The User Interface | 5: Your First Days in Space | 6: Guides | 7: Customer Support | 8: Volunteer Program | 9: Guide Credits
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