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A storyline mission is an important mission offered by specific 'storyline agents'. These missions commonly offer implants as rewards, as well as standings towards that particular faction (as opposed to regular missions which only affect standing towards the agent and corporation). This is the usual way to raise standings with factions.

Receiving a Storyline Mission

Storyline missions are offered to a pilot after they have completed 16 missions for a particular faction. These missions do not need to be run consecutively. They are received by way of an EVEmail from a storyline agent for that faction.

Please note: The missions need to be of the same level. Completing 8 level 1 missions and 8 level 2 missions will not result in a storyline mission being offered.

When the mission is offered, it will automatically appear in the mission journal, but the pilot must visit the agent's station to accept the mission. Once the mission is completed, the agent will not offer any other missions, until the quota for the next storyline mission is reached.

The first mission of an important multi-part storyline mission has a 30 days expiry timer, however the subsequent missions will have the regular 7 days expiry timer.


Upon completion or failure of a storyline mission, a faction boost or loss with the corporation who assigned the mission will be applied as with standard missions. Additionally, there will be a boost to that faction's standing equal to 35% of the corporation standings adjustment.

There is no standings penalty for letting the mission timer expire prior to accepting the storyline mission.

Working out Standings Gains/Losses

The consequences to running storyline missions is the pilot will lose standing towards that faction's enemy factions. However, there will be standings gains towards that faction's allied factions.

To determine in advance who you will gain faction with, look at the information for the base faction you are working for. In the information block will be 'liked by' and 'disliked by' tabs. When you complete the storyline missions, you will gain a faction boost with every faction listed on the 'liked by' page, and you will lose faction with every faction listed on the 'disliked by' tab. The amount of faction you gain or lose is an exact percentage of the amount that faction likes or dislikes your base faction. Additionally, the gain or loss to secondary factions (from derived storyline missions) is capped at the amount that faction likes or dislikes your base faction.

Example: If you do a storyline mission for the Federation Navy, which gives you a 28.6% Navy corporation boost, then you will gain 35% of that boost, or 10% (approximately) with the Gallente Federation.

The Gallente Federation is liked by the following factions:

Therefore all of these factions will receive increases proportional to the amount they like the Gallente Federation.

As the Minmatar republic is 'liked by' a factor of 8.00, this translates to 80% of the increase given to the Gallente Federation. Assuming that the Gallente Federation standings gain was 10%, the derived standings gain to the Minmatar Republic will be 8%.

Another example: The Society is 'liked by' the Gallente Federation by a factor of 1.50, which equates to 15% of the original Federation standings gain, or 1.5% actual faction gain for The Society.

The same equation can be applied to calculating the faction loss by way of the 'disliked by' tab of the base faction information window.

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