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What are my standings toward NPCs and what do they do?

The standings set by the game are indicators of your stature towards NPC entities: agents, corporations, and factions. All NPC corporations also have standings between themselves as well as with player corporations.

  • Agent standings
Your personal standing with a particular agent affects the quality of his missions. The higher it goes, the more rewarding your missions will be. You will also have access to higher level and more difficult missions.
Please note: This section requires further explanation. Please see page discussion for details.
  • Corporation standings
Your personal standing with a particular corporation currently dictates the availability of its agents to you. A high standing makes the better, higher-level agents want to do business with you.
Your corporation's standings with an NPC corporation also determines the taxes you pay for using the reprocessing plants in that corporation's stations. The default is currently 5%, but is reduced to 0% at a standing of 6.7 or higher with that corporation. These taxes are represented as the "WE TAKE:" item on the reprocessing display.
  • Faction standings
Your standing with a particular faction (such as the Amarr Empire, the Minmatar Republic, and so on) determines whether entire NPC corporations allied with that faction are available to you. Once it gets high enough, you can access every agent of every such NPC corporation (except R&D agents which also require some standings with their corporation) so long as the agent's minimum requirement is lower than your faction standing.
However, if it gets too low (-5.00 or below), you run the risk of being attacked by that faction's Navy, much like low security status can get you in trouble.
Warning: If Faction and or Corporation standing drops to -2.0 or lower, higher level Agents will no longer be available. Level 1 Agents are always available regardless of Faction / Corporation standings. If the Agent standing drops to -2.00 or lower, that specific Agent will no longer be available.

You can also try to raise your low standing by doing missions for a faction that has a positive standing towards your target faction.

Required Standing

All agents have six standings relationships with a capsuleer, which can be viewed by getting "info" on the agent in game, and going to the standings tab. The agent, her corporation and her faction have derived standings with the pilot and his corporation. All level 1 agents (except for storyline agents) should be available to every pilot. All level 2 thru level 5 agents require a minimum derived standing, which is taken as the highest of the "Standings With You" on the agent's Standings Tab (in-game).

Agent Level Minimum Derived Standing
1 -10
2 1
3 3
4 5
5 7

The Math

The equation is

E = 10 − (10-B) × (1 - 0.04 × S),

where E is your effective standing, B is your base standing, and S is your Diplomacy skill level (if B <0) or Connections skill level (otherwise).

So, the Diplomacy skill works in the following way for someone with a -1.0 standing from a NPC corp/faction:

  • Diplomacy 0: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 0) = − 1
  • Diplomacy I: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 1) = −0.56
  • Diplomacy II: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 2) = −0.12
  • Diplomacy III: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 3) = +0.32
  • Diplomacy IV: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 4) = +0.76
  • Diplomacy V: 10 − (10 - (-1)) × (1 - 0.04 × 5) = +1.20

To calculate how high your base standing needs to be in order to reach a certain effective standing, the formula can be rearranged to

B = (5*(2*S - 5*E))/(S-25)

How do I gain, or lose standing toward NPCs?

The only way to increase your standing towards an agent or a corporation is by successfully completing missions for that agent/corp. To increase your standing towards a faction you need to successfully complete storyline missions for that faction or one friendly to it.

You can lose standing towards an agent or corporation by failing a mission, or by declining two missions from the same agent in a 4 hours interval. Similarly you lose standing towards a faction is you fail storyline missions of that faction or one friendly to it, but also if you successfully complete a storyline mission for an enemy faction or if you destroy ships or structures belonging to that particular faction.

The Math

Increase standing changes are derived as a percentage change of the difference between current "true" standing (unmodified) and 10.

The equation:

  • ns=((10-s)*i)+s

ns=New standing
i=Increase percentage in decimal form

For instance a 3% increase would work out the following way in each situation:
-10 standing: 10-(-10)=20. 20*0.03=0.6. -10+0.6= -9.4
0 standing: 10-0=10. 10*0.03=0.3. 0+0.3= 0.3
5 standing: 10-5=5. 5*0.03=0.15. 5+0.15= 5.15

Decrease standing changes work the same way. Except the endpoint is -10.

The equation:

  • ns=((-10-s)*d)+s

ns=New standing
d=Decrease percentage in decimal form

For instance a 3% decrease would work out the following way in each situation:
10 standing: -20*0.03 + 10 = 9.4
5 standing: -15*0.03 + 5 = 4.55
0 standing: -10*0.03 + 0 = -0.3
-5 standing: -5*0.03 + -5 = -5.15

The Social skill modifies the standings change.
The equation:

  • ec=c*(1+(s*0.05))

ec=Effective change
c=Change without taking Social skill into account
s=Social level

Using the -10 standing change as an example, the equation would look like this:

  • Social 0: 0.6*(1+0.00)=0.6
  • Social 1: 0.6*(1+0.05)=0.63
  • Social 2: 0.6*(1+0.10)=0.66
  • Social 3: 0.6*(1+0.15)=0.69
  • Social 4: 0.6*(1+0.20)=0.72
  • Social 5: 0.6*(1+0.25)=0.75

Derived Standings

Completing a storyline mission will have an impact on all your faction standings via "derived standings" as stated in your faction standing transaction window (available by right clicking any standing entries in your character sheet and selecting "Show Transactions"). Those derived standings depends on how other factions perceive the faction you completed such important missions for. There is also a limit on how those derived standings can increase or decrease your own standings, as those factions will never hate or like you more than the faction you worked for. [1]

See the storyline mission page for more details on how those derived standings are calculated.

NPC Faction standings towards Player corporations

NPC faction to player corporation standings are important to join factional warfare militias.

NPC factions/corps standings toward a player corporation are calculated in this way:

You take the standing (without skills included) of each corporation member (towards the NPC entity in question) on an active subscribing account, add them all up and then divide by the number of members that have the standing already in their character sheet. In rare circumstances characters can have standing towards an entity that is not listed in their character sheet. Check by looking up the entity and then looking at the "Standings" tab. The ones who do not have a standing towards the entity are not taken into account. The standings will update to the average after every downtime.

It is also worth noting that members standings towards NPC corps do not begin to affect their global corp standing towards the relevant NPC corp until they have been a member of their current corp for at least 7 days.

Standings between player entities

Player characters and corporations can also have standings from and towards each other, which can be adjusted by the players or corporations directly. In addition to that player alliances can adjust standings towards each other and to player corporations.

Quick Standings Reference Table

-10 No Additional Penalty
-9 No Additional Penalty
-8 No Additional Penalty
-7 No Additional Penalty
-6 No Additional Penalty
-5 NPC factions will begin shooting you on sight in their space. (-5.0 Modified Personal Standing)
-4 No Additional Penalty
-3 No Additional Penalty
-2 You lose access to all of a faction's or corporation's agents except those that are level one. (-2.0 modified Personal Standing)
-1 No Penalty
0 No Bonus
1 User gains access to lv 2 missions
2 No Bonus
3 User gains access to lv 3 missions
4 No Bonus
5 User gains access lv 4 missions
6 Corporations will stop taxing your refinery use entirely. (6.67 Modified Personal Standing)
7 User gains access to lv 5 missions
8 Some factions will offer you a two run faction frigate BPC. (8.5 Modified Personal Standing)
9 Some factions will offer you a two run faction cruiser BPC. (9.2 Modified Personal Standing)

Some factions will offer you a two run faction battleship BPC. (9.9 Modified Personal Standing)

10 No Additional Bonus

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