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Space stations are colossal constructions that, among other things, offer docking services for capsuleer vessels.


Notable stations

As if having gargantuan orbiting homes in space weren't enough, some stations have come to particular attention of New Eden's citizens for various reasons. Most of those stations, it should be noted, are still in existence and operation; despite extensive efforts on the behalf of humanity, we haven't yet managed to blow ourselves entirely out of the sky yet.


There is also a number of stations whose exact location or name is as yet unknown.

  • Where Nale lived at the time he was diagnosed as terminally ill and later recruited by the Sisters of EVE.[2]
  • The Duvolle Laboratories station that housed Robert and John.[3]
  • Auduban's original home station before he disembarked with Sanada and her followers.[3]
  • Several stations where Sanada and her followers, including Auduban, docked during their final preaching tour.[3]
  • The station where Auduban docked with a wrecked ship, and brought out a surprise in customs.[3]
  • Where Sisters of EVE aid shipments to Hidden Hope originate.[4]
  • The station Bethora inhabited, where her son Keral participated in a space ship race.[5]
  • One station in the Amarr Empire was host to the meeting of Empress Jamyl I and Dochuta Karsoth and the latter's execution on the order of the former. The meeting occurred in a hangar and was witnessed by a small cadre of station crew and royal guards who had all been vetted for loyalty. It was decorated in banners of the Empire and had a cold wind constantly blowing through it.[6]
  • There is a colony that sits somewhat close to Sansha space. It has been attacked by Sansha's Nation in the past and was at least once involved in a rebellion. It was once the home to Roten, Fermar, and Charlize before the three all left. Joraa is a waitress there and the old man lives there as well. It is a space-based colony that has planted trees and artificial seasons.[7]
  • The station where Tim meets Brater has a departure lounge that is austere and bereft of any entertainment. It has an alloy window that looks out into the departing and arriving ships. The lounge is patrolled by security drones and kept clean by cleaning drones.[8]
  • This station is located in a system with an orange sun. The system it is in in described as a lonely outpost near where Guristas raid. The station itself has smooth lines and gigantic rotating rings of laboratories, factories and testing facilities.[9]
  • Unnamed station where Tibus Heth was posted as a member of the Home Guard prior to YC105. It is presumably a Kaalakiota station.[10]
  • An unnamed repair station where, as per regulation, security cameras are set in every corner, some with wide-focus lenses and others set to auto-focus on smaller movements. A partition divides the garage area into the walker section and desk section. The armory is where unused equipment is kept. This station used to house the Row of Wings.[11]
  • Deep in Caldari space an industrial station houses an agent who hires Runia Tamarik to find another Khanid pilot.[12]

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