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The Serpentis are a major pirate faction in New Eden, named after their founder.

Salvador Sarpati founded the Serpentis Corporation as a holistic cutting-edge R&D company, with a core competency in biochemistry. Rumors of illegal research, shady deals and underworld connections grew in frequency as the corporation moved its operations more and more into lawless space, and by the time the Gallente Federation started seriously pursuing the tycoon and his corporation it was already too late - he had installed himself in the Fountain region and was all-but untouchable.

Today Sarpati is rumored to live in luxury in his own outpost in Serpentis Prime, while his corporation pursues unfettered research in Boosters and other illegal hardware, and his Guardian Angel allies ensure the security of his domain. The Serpentis also control a notable share of the “grey market” smuggling of competing products into megacorporate enclaves in the Caldari State.

Recent Events

Like their sometime-associates the Angel Cartel, the Serpentis are paying a great deal of attention to recent developments. Their business relies heavily on indirect links to the Federation, and it's rumored that Sarpati still has unfinished business there. Serpentis Corp employees were glued to the newsfeeds as events unfolded, and they're still talking about it even to this day.

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