Rookie Systems

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Rookie Systems

Rookie systems are the systems in which new players begin their time in Eve. The Starter Systems are the systems in which the players will start when they log in for the first time. The Career Agent systems are the systems where the career tutorial agents can be found. This is the list of systems that are considered Rookie systems.

Warning: Attempting to abuse a new player’s lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for your personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems. This includes, but is not limited to; tricking new players into situations where you or others may open fire on them freely or scamming ISK or assets from them. Disregarding warnings to cease such behavior from authorized CCP personnel is considered to be in violation of section 6 of the EVE Online Terms of Service.

Pilots found to pursue activities against new players in other areas may be subject to further restrictions as deemed necessary by CCP Games Customer Support Team.

Starter Systems

  • Amarr
    • Chaven
    • Sehmy
    • Emrayur
  • Caldari
    • Kisogo
    • Todaki
    • Amsen
  • Gallente
    • Duripant
    • Bourynes
    • Cistuvaert
  • Minmatar
    • Ammold
    • Ryddinjorn
    • Hulm

Career Agent systems

  • Amarr
    • Deepari
    • Pasha
    • Conoban
  • Caldari
    • Uitra
    • Jouvulen
    • Akiainavas
  • Gallente
    • Couster
    • Clellinon
    • Trossere
  • Minmatar
    • Hadaugago
    • Malukker
    • Embod

Sisters of EVE Epic Arc

  • Agent Systems
    • Arnon

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