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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to questions that are asked frequently in the help channels. You may review the chat rules for the Rookie Help Channel here.


Frequently asked Questions

ISD Member, why is your text a "Teal/Green" Color?

Teal/Green text indicates that the person is a member of ISD STAR, player volunteers who help answer questions and greet new players to EVE Online.

What are the trial account limitations?

You can find a full list of limitations here: Trial account limitations

I lost my ship! What now?

If you find yourself in an escape pod then you should dock at any station. If you do not already have another vessel there then you will get a new Rookie vessel free of charge. Open the station's Ships hangar (click the Ships button on your Neocom), right-click the Rookie vessel - ASSEMBLE and then right-click again - MAKE ACTIVE.

What is the minimum warping distance?

The minimum distance to start a warp is 150km from your destination.

How do I join ISD?

If you want to join any of the branches of ISD you can apply to join by filling out an application here.

How do I claim an NPC bounty?

NPC bounties are delayed up to 20 minutes and paid automatically. If you check your wallet you should see it increase for all that you destroyed since the last update.

How do I open the contextual menu?

Right click in space away from your ship and any other objects. The menu that you see is your contextual menu. Listed in this menu you will find a listing of the stations within the system as well as other useful options.

How do I log out?

Simply press Alt+Shift+Q (Though this can be amended through esc, shortcuts, general, quit game) or ESC and look for the log out button.

When is downtime?

Downtime starts every day at 11:00 GMT/Eve time, which is the time displayed at the bottom left of Eve. It takes about 30 minutes

Can I land on a planet?

No. Planets in EVE exist for things to orbit them: moons, asteroid belts, stations and exploration sites exist within 4AU of a planet. They are also useful as a quiet location which is guaranteed not to have any NPC pirates and not likely to be frequented by players.
Players can set up colonies and interact with planets. For more details check out Planetary Interaction guide.

The upcoming Dust 514 game promises to add planetary combat.

Can I fly my ship manually?

With the recent Rhea upgrade, there are now two ways to manually control your ship. What may be the easiest method is simply double clicking in empty space in the direction you want your ship to go. Your ship will turn in that direction and come to full speed. You can also assign keybinds for manual control. These are under the settings menu (On a Windows PC, the ESC key) -> Shortcuts tab -> Navigation subtab. Look for the four commands that start with Direction. These four keybinds have to be assigned and saved before you can use them. Some players use the standard W A S and D keys for respectively Up, Left, Down, and Right. Please note that these may conflict with previously assigned keybinds.

How do I see the contents of a container or ship in another location?

Open the assets window and right click on a container or ship and select “View contents”

How do I configured a custom play list for my Jukebox?

The jukebox was removed; you can find all of the old music available to stream at

What exactly am I being taxed on?

Tax Rate refers to how much of a Corporation member's income goes into the Corporation's wallet. It's however limited to Mission Rewards, Bonus Rewards and NPC Bounty and applies only, if the amount is 100,000.00 ISK or higher.

How do I get "home" / back to the new player starting area ?

There are quite a few new player starting areas. As long as you haven't moved your clone press character sheet and note your home station. Now click People and Places, set the search to Solar System and enter the name of the solar system. Once found you can right click and Set Destination.
Finally you can press the A for Autopilot button but if you want to save time traveling manually warp to Zero ( 0m ) on gates. If you have a destination set, the next gate on your route will show as yellow in the overview. Right click this yellow gate and select "Warp to".

Finding a PC Corporation To Join

Selecting A Player Corporation EVElopedia Article
Joining a corporation EVElopedia Article on joining a Player Corporation
Researching A Corporation Before You Join In Depth Guide

Spies, Security, Psychological Warfare

Where can I go for training in spying, covert ops, and security?

Smiling Friends Social Club
Corporation Security
EVE is unique in that spying, theft, cons, griefing, betrayal and backstabbing are all meant to be part of the game. The player or corporation that ignores this does so at their peril.

Leadership and Management Training

What is a good resource for leadership and management training?

Technocrat A Manual. The Creation, Care, Expansion, Manipulation and Management of EVE Corporations and Alliances
EVE really isn't a game where you get the luxury of badly trained leaders. This manual includes links to other management guides, theory and practical stuff like sample corp bulletins.

Agents and Missions

How do I find agents?

Press F10 to open the map and make sure that you are viewing the Star Map (instead of the System Map). On the World Map Control Panel, go to the Star Map tab, then the Color Stars tab, then open the "My Info" folder and select "My Available Agents". Systems with available agents will be green dots, larger dots have more agents. You can mouse over a green dot to see more information about the agents available there (like what station they are in, and their name, division, level, and quality).
Other resources:

How much standing do I need for a level 2/3/4 agent?

Right-click the agent and choose 'show info', you can check the attributes tab for that agent. Required standing will be listed. For details, see the Missions Guide

How do I get better agents?

Open the Agents tab of your “People & Places” window. Right click the agent you’re working for and select “Show Info”. Click the Corp icon underneath their name. In this new window click the “Agents” tab to get a list of all the agents for that corp sorted by division and availability.

What is a storyline agent?

A storyline agentis a special agent that gives you a mission that effects your standing with the faction the agents corporation belongs to. Normal missions only raise your standings with the agents and their corporation.

How do I get a storyline mission?

You will get an evemail from a storyline agent letting you know you have a mission everytime you have done 16 missions for the same level agent of the same faction.

What are R&D agents?

R&D agents are special agents that provide datacores used in Invention. More information can be found in the Research Agent guide.

Where is my mission?

If you have accepted a mission, travel to the System listed in your Journal then once there right click in empty space and follow the Encounter bookmark to your mission gate. Approach and activate (right click) the >> icon.

What are Deadspace Complexes?

Please read the Deadspace article for more info.

How do I "turn in" dog tags?

You can sell any of them on the market; some come in handy for LP Stores or Data Centers.

I don't like my mission can I turn it down?

If you have not already accepted the mission you can tell the agent you do not wish to run their mission once every 4 hours without losing standing. Once you have already accepted the mission or you have turned down a mission in the past 4 hours you will lose standing with that agent, faction and/or corporation.

What is collateral on courier missions?

Collateral is a sum of ISK that you pay to your agent when you accept the mission. Once you successfully complete the mission and turn it in your collateral will be returned to you, however if you fail the mission the agent keeps your collateral.

What type of ship do I need for a level 1/2/3/4/5 mission?

There are a lot of details that affect this decision, but as a rule of thumb:
Level 1 Frigate or Destroyer
Level 2 Cruiser
Level 3 Battlecruiser or Battleship
Level 4 Battleship, Marauder, Command Ship
Level 5 Carrier or a group of Battleships, Marauders and Command Ships

I'm on a trial and this level 3 agent wont give me missions.

Trial accounts can no longer request missions from agents of level 3 and above.

Autopilot and Star Map

Can I make autopilot jump to 0m?

No, you can't. If you want to save time traveling you will need to manually Warp to Zero ( 0m ) on gates. If you have a destination set, the next gate on your route will show as yellow in the overview. The autopilot will warp in at 15km ( +/- 3500m ).

How do I make my autopilot avoid dangerous areas?

You can change your Autopilot settings by opening the Map (press F10). Find the World Map Control Panel window, and click on the Autopilot tab, then Settings.
Warning: If you choose "Prefer Safer", the autopilot will not include any system below 0.5 security status on your route unless it is the only way to reach a destination. If you set a destination that can only be reached through lowsec or 0.0 space, it will still send you where you asked to go, so be careful!

Why does my autopilot say Jumps: 2249856920?

Usually if your autopilot says that it's because you are attempting to reach an unreachable system such as Polaris (System). The other possibility is that you have your autopilot set to avoid systems where pod killing has happen. You want to make sure you press the A in the upper left corner and uncheck the 'Avoid System where Pod Killing has Recently Occurred'.

EVE Online

Interacting With Other Players

How do I send isk to another character?

Several options exist:
  • If neither character is on a trial account, one can right-click the other's icon (in People & Places or anywhere else) and select Send Money.
  • If neither character is on a trial account, either can setup an item exchange contract which includes isk.
  • Two trial account characters can exchange isk by having one character create a sell order for an uncommon item at a ludicrously high price, and then have the other character buy it. Note that this is dangerous: if you are being undersold by another player at the same station, they will get your isk - not the character you intended!

How do I find a corporation to join?

Check the in-game recruiting channel (click Channels & Mailing Lists and look under corporate). Additionally, many people feel the recruitment forum has more and better information.


How do I use drones?

Your ship needs to have a dronebay bigger than 0 m2. Then put your drones into your dronebay (you can do that in the fitting window while being docked in a station). When undocked you will have an extra window where you can interact with your drones.
For more information about drones read the drones guide.

How do I get to my drone settings?

Click on the white lines in the drone control window and select the settings you wish to modify. Eve Online

I left my drone behind, can I recover it?

Yes,if you're able to warp back to the location of your drone. Fly to within 2500m of the drone right click on it and select "scoop to drone bay". You can now reconnect to lost or abandoned drones that have been left behind as long as you’re still in the ship that launched them. Right clicking on your ships right-click menu, you’ll now find a command to Reconnect to Lost Drones. Alternately, if you like keyboard shortcuts, you can map a key to this as well. In order to prevent this from being completely abused and used for evil, you’ll only be able to reconnect once a minute (this time is subject to change) and if you have more drones around than you have the ability to control at once, you get no say over which ones will come back under your control… so when you’re attempting to reconnect, make it count!

My drone says it is incapacitated what do I do?

Drones become incapacitated if they sustain too much damage. When this happens the drone will no longer be able to take your orders. You need to recover your drone by scooping it to your bay and take it to a station for repair with the station repair service.

What is the difference between "Scoop" to drone bay and "Return" to drone bay?

The scoop to drone bay option only recovers your drones if they are within 2500m of your ship. Ordering your drones to return to the bay will force the drones to fly back from any distance as long as they are still within your control.

How do I increase my drone hold size?

You can't. Buy a ship with a bigger drone hold. The only exception to this is with the Gallente Ishtar and Ishkur, whose drone bay increases in size as your Heavy Assault Ships or Assault Ship skill increases.

Market Information

Why can't I sell x item on the market?

To sell an item make sure it is in your items hanger in a station, and then right click and select "Sell". This will fill the best order you are in range of. You can also click "Advanced" (after you choose "Sell") to make your own sell order (read the market article for more details).
A few items (for example: special mission items, blueprint copies) cannot be listed on the market, and they will have no "Sell" option in their right-click menus. You can instead buy/sell/trade these items via contracts.
You may also not be able to sell an item if there are no buyers for the specific item you are trying to sell in the region.

What do the green bars mean on the buy orders?

Buy orders only have a certain range so you can only sell to that item if you are in range of the buyer. If an order is highlighted in green it means you are in range of it where you currently are. Remember though you can only sell an item in station.

What do the yellow highlighted sell orders mean in the market window?

These sell orders are on your autopilot path showing you where you can also get the specific item that you are looking for.

I bought an item but it's not in my hanger. Where is it?

Sometimes you will purchase an item that's not in the station you are currently in. If you open your asset window on the left hand side you will be able to see every item you own, so check in here, it may be a few jumps away.

I bought an item and its not in my assets. Where is it?

Chances are you have accidentally set up a buy order. To check this open your market window on the neocom then tab to my orders. At the bottom of this window if you see a buy order for the item in question simply right click and cancel the order.
Please note: You will lose any fees you payed to set up the market order but will have the majority of the ISK returned to your wallet.

My market order expired and I did not get my ISK or items back!

If a market order expires you will receive your ISK and items back after the next down time.

Mission help

Please visit this page for general information.

Mountains out of Molehills ( 1 / 10 )

This mission requires you to mine Veldspar at the mission location. Bear in mind that the amount of Veldspar that is required is more than you can carry with one trip, so be prepared to make multiple trips.
If you do not see Veldspar at the mission location please ensure that you have taken eventual acceleration gates into the mission deadspace and that Veldspar is added to the Overview

Overview and GUI

Why are some people on my overview orange/green/red/etc?

Refer to the Overview article for details on how your overview displays colors/tags to indicate different things about a pilot. Feel free to play around with the settings and learn how to use them; to open the Settings window ingame, click the little triangle next to the word "OVERVIEW" to open a context menu.

What are these Flags for?

For each character, we track a number of flag types. Performing certain actions will cause yourself (and possibly others) to pick up one or more types of flag. Having a flag will cause consequences for you and others around you. The following image shows a character with three flags. From left-to-right: PVP flag, Suspect flag, Weapons flag. Each flag also has an associated timer, shown by the clock around it.


All flags and timers have tooltips to show you more details and information on what precisely is going on.

See Crimewatch for more details.

Can I shoot someone with a skull icon by their name?

While it's possible to shoot anyone at any time and any place, having a skull does not remove a player's CONCORD protection in high security space - so you probably can't shoot them legally. The skull simply means someone else placed a bounty on their escape pod, but the police ignore bounties and will treat them like anyone else.

What is an Aggression Timer?

See Crimewatch for more details.

What are these blue wrecks?

Wrecks that are blue have been abandoned and are free for anyone to loot. To set your wrecks this way right click on your wreck in space and select “abandon wreck” you may also abandon all nearby wrecks by selecting “abandon all nearby wrecks”.

How do I adjust the audio alert for my ships shields/armor/hull?

When you are undocked click the white options arrow(red) at the bottom right of the capacitor. Select Audio alerts(Green) from the list, a new window will open, configure your settings from here.

File:Audio Config.jpg File:Audio Alerts.jpg

Research and Industry

What happened to my blueprint after I tried to manufacture it?

Your blueprint is sitting in the factory, working for you (or perhaps it's already done!). Either way, you can check the status of your job by opening the Science & Industry window, going to the Jobs tab and clicking "Get Jobs". If you click deliver when it's ready you will receive the item. Please refer to the Research and Manufacturing guide for complete info.

How do I find a manufacturing or invention slot?

To find the nearest station with invention or manufacturing slots press your “science & industry” button and tab to “installations” then set your filters and make sure you use “current region” for your range.

How do I get a blueprint?

You can buy blueprints from the market. Any blueprint that you buy from the market will be a blueprint original or BPO for short. Blueprint originals can be use an infinite number of times. There are also blueprint copies or BPC these are handed out by agents or procured from contracts. A BPC has only a limited number of uses are and made by putting a BPO into a copy job at an applicable station.

I delivered my item, but I didn't get my blueprint back!

Some blueprints are what are know as copies. They only have so many runs remaining so if you have used up all the runs they will vanish. You can see if it's a copy or how many runs are remaining from he attributes tab of the show info panel.


What skills should I learn?

This is up to you. Train for ships and items which look like fun.

Is there any limit to how many or what skills you can train?

There is no limit but time and ISK.

What does "Inject skill" mean?

Injecting a skill will add the skill to your skillsheet, but it will not start training it. This way you don't have to carry the skillbook with you and its safe from getting lost should your ship get destroyed. Its recommended that you inject a skill you intend to learn immediately.

I have a green check on the skill but it won't let me train!

You have to buy the relevant skillbook on the market and inject it.

I bought the skill book but it won't let me train!

You have to inject the skill.

Can I train to fly ships of another race?

Yes, race is no limit in EVE.

How do I speed up my training time?

Your training time is effected by your attributes. The higher your attributes the faster you'll train.

How is training time calculated?

Your primary and secondary attributes of the skill, its multipler and the level you're training. See here for the full formula.

Which attribute is most useful?

That depends on what skills you want to train. See this table for a breakdown of attributes and skill groups.

How do I increase my attributes?

Several ways. You can buy and plug in attribute enhancing implants. You can perform a neural remapping to redistribute your attribute points.

Do I continue training when I'm logged off?

Yes. Logged on or off, even during downtime, your character is always training.

What does the multipler mean?

This is the skill rank, a simple multipler to the number of skill points it takes to learn the skill.

How long will it take to train the skills to fly X?

You can find out using a skill planner (see below), though there's a difference between being able to fly a ship and having all the secondary skills to fly it well.

Is there a skill planner?

There is no official skill planner but there are several unofficial ones. EVEMON and EveHQ are two good ones. They can plan your skill training for ships and items as well as optimize your attributes.

I'm on a Mac, is there anything to notify me of skill training?

EVE Skill Monitor is a dashboard widget for OS X that monitors your skill training.

I made a character before and I had lots of skills, what gives?

The new character system has changed in Apocrypha and again in Incursion. You used to start with about 800k skill points worth of skills depending on your race and career. You now start with very few skills but instead receive skill books as part of the tutorial and attached career agents. This gives a new character more flexibility to choose their skills and a smoother tutorial experience.

Ships and Modules (fitting)

How do I increase my CPU?

To increase your ship's CPU output you can train Electronics skill, which will increase the CPU of every ship you fly by 5%. Also, you may wish to consider fitting a Co-Processor I.

How do I increase my Power Grid?

To increase your ship's Power Grid output you can train Engineering, which will increase the power grid of every ship you fly by 5%. Additionally, you can fit a Micro Auxiliary Power Core I (good for small ships), Reactor Control Unit I or Power Diagnostic System I. As you progress, you may also want to consider an implant such as Squire PG4. Also, there are also many skills that reduce powergrid usage: look for skills with the word 'upgrade' in them.
Please note: Keep in mind, you pay a price for these modules in the form of potentially "wasted" slots. You may want to rethink your ship's setup to use less PG or CPU instead. For more information, see the Ship Fitting Guide.

How do I increase my cargohold capacity?

For certain ships, like industrials, simply increasing your piloting skill (e.g. Amarr Industrial) will increase your cargohold size. You can also install Expanded Cargohold modules in your lo-slots or, for richer players, Cargohold Optimization rigs. Finally, if you have over 3,000m3 of cargohold size, consider keeping a Giant Secure Container in your cargohold: they are 3,000m3 in size, but they will hold 3,900m3. This is a 30% increase when carrying small items, but don't do it if you want to carry items larger than 3,900m3. Of course, if you're only working from one station, then you can simply drop the GSCs off when you need the full space, and then pick them up later.

How do I increase my Capacitor capacity and recharge rate?

There are two skills directly affecting your ship capacitor. Energy Management increases the capacity and Energy Systems Operation increases the recharge rate of your capacitor. You can also use modules like Cap Recharger I or Capacitor Power Relay I to increase the recharge rate of your ships capacitor. Capacitor Batteries and Capacitor Boosters can also be used to affect the ships capacitor.
Please note: Again keep in mind, you pay a price for these modules in the form of potentially "wasted" slots. For PvE combat you usually aim for sustainability over combat utility like EW. For PvP fits you usually aim for utility over sustainability. Many times this means fitting a Capacitor Booster on your ship for quick recharging of capacitor.

How do I use Capacitor Boosters?

To use Capacitor Booster charges, you need to fit a small, medium or heavy Capacitor Booster on your ship. These can be loaded with Cap Booster charges, which provide your ship with additional capacitor.

What are Hardpoints?

Turrent and launcher hardpoints are locations where weapons may be placed. They are more specific than a slot. Your ship may have both turret hardpoints or launcher hardpoints:
  • When you mount a turret, you need both a free hi-slot and a free turret hardpoint
  • When you mount a missile or rocket launcher, you need both a free hi-slot and a free launcher hardpoint.
Additionally, your ship may have "upgrade hardpoints", which are used for fitting Rigs. Rigs are sold in the "Ship Modifications" section of the market. You may want to be aware that unlike modules, you can only remove a rig from a ship by destroying it.

What are calibration points

Calibration points are consumed by rigs, much like powergrid and CPU are consumed by modules. Calibration points limit the number/type of rigs that can be installed. Each rig you install uses one 'upgrade hardpoint' and a number of calibration points determined by the rig.

What does meta level mean?

The meta level of an item (shown in its info window) is only relevant if you are submitting an Invention job. It has no effect on the item's performance, or anything else, so you can ignore it and look at the other attributes when deciding what to fit on your ship.

What is a role bonus?

Some ships have a role bonus that boosts a specific task of that ship. You receive this bonus simply by piloting the ship.

Why can't I put miners in all of my ship's high slots?

To fit a mining laser, you need both a free high slot and a free turret hardpoint (the same applies for fitting weapon turrets). You can view a ship's slot and hardpoint count by looking it up on the market, opening the info window, and checking under the "Fitting" tab. Many ships have more high slots than they do turret hardpoints, meaning you cannot fill all of the slots with miners.For more info please read the Ship Fitting Guide and the Mining Guide.

What is salvaging?

Salvaging is the act of using a Salvager I or Salvager II module on ship wrecks to extract rig components (this is in addition to the normal loot you can get from wrecks by opening them). Please read the Salvaging Guide for more info.


How do I fire all my weapons at once?

You can group your weapons to work together if they are all the same. Read the Weapon Grouping article for more info.

Why do my guns miss all the time?

The to-hit calculations in EVE depend on the target's range, angular velocity and signature radius vs the optimal range, falloff, tracking and signature resolution of your guns. Try to stay at optimal range or below. If your target is fast, consider fitting a Stasis Webifier I to slow them down. If they're small, try a Target Painter I. If none of that works try using a smaller, faster gun. There's a non-official to-hit calcuator here.

Is there a minimum range?

No. Once inside your weapon's optimal range range is no longer a factor in hitting the target. However you still may miss the target because shortened range means increased angular velocity.

What is Tracking?

Tracking is how fast your guns can turn to track a target whizzing by them. A gun with low tracking will have trouble hitting a fast target orbiting in close.

What is Accuracy Falloff?

Falloff is the distance beyond optimal range at which your turrets start to drop in accuracy. At (Optimal + Falloff), you will miss 50% of the time due to range, while at (Optimal + (2 * Falloff)) or further, you be unable to hit your target. Falloff has no effect when engaging a target closer than your turrets' optimal range.

What is signature radius?

Signature radius is effectively how large your ship appears to other ships weapon and targeting systems. A ship with a high signature is faster to lock and easy to hit. Conversely, a ship with a low signature will make it take longer for another player to target you. For more information on the equation used, see Signature radius.

What is signature resolution?

Signature resolution is a measure of the inaccuracy of your gun. Think of it like a shotgun blast. If your target's signature radius is smaller than your gun's signature resolution you will miss more.

What is the range of my missiles?

To figure out the range of your missiles simply show info on the missile in question and multiply the flight time by its velocity.

How can I stop myself being warp scrambled?

You can fit an item know as a Warp Core Stabilizer I. Each one will counteract one Warp Disruptor I module. Be aware they come with harsh penalties against your Locking time and Locking range.

When I use more than one module why does the effectiveness decrease?

Some modules have a "stacking penalty". In their description, they will state that "Use of more than one module affecting this attribute will be penalized." This means that each module past the first is less effective. Here is a little guide that's currently used on Rig Stacking and modulestacking.
1st module = 100% effectiveness. 2nd = 87%, 3rd = 57%, 4th = 28%, 5th = 10%, 6th = 3%, 7th = 1%, 8th = 0.1%, 9th = 0.01%, 10th = 0.001%, 11th = 0.0001%


What is jetcan mining?

Most experienced miners in Eve use a technique known as jetcan mining. This technique dramatically increases the amount of ore yield for a given period of time, resulting in more isk earned per hour. The goal of this process is simple: use a ship optimized for ore extraction when extracting ore, and a ship optimized for hauling when hauling. This process can be done solo, but also works well with a group:
  • Choose a ship with mining yield bonuses and support for mining laser upgrades and good miners. Don't worry about cargohold size. Park the ship at a position within an asteroid belt where you can mine from multiple asteroids. Start mining.
  • As your cargohold fills up, jettison it into space. This will create a jettison canister capable of containing 27,500m3 of ore. Move additional ore into this canister.
  • Repeat this process for up to an hour, then dock your mining ship and return in a hauler to move the ore into a refining station.
When group mining, have one person occasionally haul ore while the other mines full-time. Some notes worth keeping in mind:
  • Jettison canisters are not secure, and can be stolen from by ore thieves. If you are mining in an area prone to this activity either move to a less popular system or switch to giant secure containers (which only hold 3,900m3). Look into mission mining as a good alternative to using public asteroid fields.
  • Jettison canisters only last for about 60 minutes, then they explode, destroying all their contents. Rename your canisters with the time that they were created to help you remember their age, and empty them every 45 minutes to insure you never lose any ore.
For more information see Advanced mining.

What ore should I mine to get a specific mineral?

Grismar's ore chart shows the refining yield from each ore type.

Which ore is better: ore X or ore Y?

Cerlestes Ore Chart compares the varieties of each ore, like Condensed, Azure, Silver, etc.

Where can I find a specific ore to mine?

Check this graphic to get an understanding of what ores are present in which areas of space. For a list of each faction and security status of space you can find each ore in, take a look at these locations of ore and ice in space

What can I do about people stealing my ore?

This can be frustrating, but there are lots of things you can do to prevent ore theft:
  1. Mine in a less populated system. Usually moving just 3-4 jumps away from the major trade hubs and rookie starting systems will dramatically reduce the number of thieves.
  2. Mine with a friend, and have them haul your ore as you mine it.
  3. Use a secure container instead of a jetcan. Make sure you anchor it and set up a password. (although you pay a big price in container size this way!)
  4. Mine in a private asteroid field (found using Mission Mining or Exploration)

Which ore is most profitable??

This profitability of mining various ores changes frequently and depends on regional market prices. However, here are a few factors that one should consider:
  1. For most players, "more profitable" means that they earn more isk per hour, not that a single unit of ore is more profitable. This is an important distinction.
  2. Remember that a ship mines at a constant rate of m3/hour, not a constant rate of units of ore/hour. Different types of ore are different sizes. A ship will generally fill its cargohold in the same amount of time regardless of which ore is being mined, but with some ores, less units fit in that cargohold.
  3. When determining profitability, focus on the on the isk/m3 of ore, not the isk/unit of ore. One can calculate isk/m3 by taking the market price for the ore (or the minerals refined from it) and dividing it by the size of the ore (as shown in the ore's 'show properties' window)

Should I sell or refine?

This decision depends on a lot of factors including several skill levels, standing, station equipment and-most of all-local market prices. The easiest way to answer this question is just to test it: sell 1000 units of ore and note the price. Then refine 1000 units of ore and sell the minerals received. Note and compare the prices. Use whichever method earns the most isk. As you improve your skills and standing, your refining efficiency will increase while your tax rate decreases.

Why are there no more asteroids in my system?

As downtime approaches, it's common for the asteroids to have been mined out in 1.0 and nearby systems as they are typically more heavily populated with miners than others. You should try relocating a few jumps away from the higher security systems and look in the asteroid belts there for a better chance of finding asteroids to mine.


How do I restart the tutorial?

If you've closed the tutorial and want to restart it, just open the Help window (press F12 or click the Help button on your Neocom), open the Tutorials tab, and choose "Your First Days In Space" -> "Crash Course". While you're there, feel free to do any/all of the other tutorials.

Which tutorial agent mission should I do?

You can do any, all or none of them. Your choice does not imply choosing a career. Each will teach you valuable lessons about how to play EVE and you'll get useful rewards. We recommend doing them all.
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