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Rigs are permanent ship modifications that provide bonuses to various ship functions, and work in much the same manner as hardwirings do for players: They can be inserted in specially designated slots, and will be destroyed if they are removed or the ship repackaged. There is also a rigs guide separate from this page.


Fitting Rigs

Fitting a rig

To fit a rig onto a ship, the ship must have sufficient calibration capacity and an open rig slot.

Calibration is a designation for the amount of rigging that's been put on a ship, and limits further upgrades in much the same way that Power and CPU values limit you in fitting regular modules.

Calibration cost of the rig

Example: The Probe has 400 Calibration-points and, being a Tech I ship, can have three upgrades fitted. If you fit two upgrades which require 100 points of Calibration, you would only be able fit another upgrade which requires 200 calibration points or less. The Calibration capacity of a ship cannot be altered.
Calibration and number of rig slots in the ship info

The rig insertion will always be successful, but as noted, if you remove the rig, it will be destroyed. Before you fit a rig onto a ship, be absolutely certain that you want it to be placed on that ship and nowhere else. Also, be aware that once you rig a ship, it may be harder to move the ship since it cannot be repackaged for transport without destroying the rigs.

Rig Sizes

With Apocrypha 1.5 CCP introduced rig sizes: small, medium and large.

- Frigates, Destroyers, Assault ships requires Small rigs.

- Cruiser, Command ships, Industrial, Logistics ships requires Medium rigs.

- Battleships, Marauders , Capital ships requires Large rigs.

The effects of Rigs

Rigs may affect either the attributes of the hosting ship, or of modules fitted on that ship. They usually provide both a positive and a negative effect, such as increasing the output of some function while decreasing the output of another one. There are however exceptions to this, as some rigs have no drawbacks.

If you fit a rig on to a ship that's designed to boost some type of module, and that module type isn't fitted on the ship, the rig will not provide any positive effects. However, the rig's negative effects will still be applied. As an example, if you fit a "Core Defence Operational Solidifier", which reduces the duration of shield booster cycles at the expense of increased signature radius, even if you don't actually fit any shield boosters on your ship, the Solidifier will still increase your signature radius.

Where to get Rigs

Rigs can be bought on the player market, and can be manufactured from blueprints. Rigs require special ingredients that can only be acquired by salvaging ship wrecks, or from certain exploration sites. Salvaging requires the salvaging skill and a special salvaging module. By activating this module on any wreck there is a chance of successfully salvaging materials from the wreck. Each wreck can only be salvaged once.

Aside from the special ingredients, the manufacturing process for a particular rig requires the blueprint for that rig. Blueprints for Tech I rigs can be bought on the market, but blueprints for Tech II rigs can only be acquired by the use of Invention on a Tech I blueprint, or from certain exploration sites. (or, of course, by purchasing them from other players).

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