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Numerous religions and rituals spread their messages throughout New Eden.


People and ... other entities

While there is no concrete evidence of religious intervention in the world of New Eden - though one would be unwise to maintain this in the face of the Amarr and outright suicidal in suggesting it to the Blood Raiders - there is, nonetheless, a number of people in the world both past and present who some believe to have been touched by holy spirits.

Rituals and prophecies

Any group, collective, nation or empire, no matter how secular, still has its traditions. These are necessary in order to form a more cohesive nation, bound by more than simple location and economic needs, and, eventually, to support the creation of some really bizarre holidays.


Various holy items have, through the ages, supposedly conveyed supernatural abilities, healing properties, divine truths, scriptural understanding, even safety from harm. And one or two was simply used to bludgeon a heretic to death.

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