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Information in this article is outdated. Someone found the information in this article to be outdated and overroled by more recent events. Please help improving EVElopedia and correct it right now ! Other articles needing updated details

Page refers to the previous method of Redeeming - prior to Rubicon 1.1


Redeeming Items in EVE Online

Certain promotional or gift items may be acquired by players, and be placed in a players Redeemable Items. To Redeem Items simply follow the steps below.

Log In

Launch the EVE Online client and log into your account.

Select Redeeming Screen

(Option A) - Character Selection Screen

When a character is highlighted on the character selection screen. You will see a Redeem Items option next to the enter game button. Use this button to proceed.

Redeem Items.png

(Option B) - In Game

You can also Redeem Items when logged into a character by opening the EVE menu by pressing Esc and selecting Redeem Items.

Redeem Items

Here you may browse your Redeem Items page, and select any items which you wish to redeem. Noting the character and location they will be delivered. When you are ready push the Redeem Selected Items button to proceed.

Reedeem Selection.png


Select yes to confirm the items you wish to claim along with the character and location they will be delivered. Or select no to return to your Redeemable Items page.

Redeem Yes.png

Redemption Successful

You will now receive a message confirming that your Items have now been Redeemed.


In Game

You can now access your Redeemed Items in game.

Redeemed Item.png

30 Day Concord Pilot License Extension (PLEX)

A payment guide for purchasing PLEX can be found here.

Please note: For security reasons there may be up to one hour delay in PLEX delivery after purchase

Be careful, some objects need to login to a specific period and the supply is often limited in time.

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