PvP For The New Pilot - February 1st, 2014

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ISD Dualgate > Alright everybody, this is sort of impromptu, but so many players had fun in Yulai just a little bit ago, plus with the massive battle earlier this week, we felt it prudent to put on a bit of a seminar

ISD Dualgate > be sure you have Seminar Q&A open if you have questions

ISD Dualgate > ISD Wolvesmind will help and answer any questions you may post there

ISD WolvesMind > that I will

ISD Dualgate > One fascinating thing about Eve is that new players can pvp and assist along with even the most experienced veterans  ISD Dualgate > The barrier many face is not knowing how to get into pvp.

ISD Dualgate > there are a few key and popular forms of pvp in eve. These include Faction warfare, friendly warfare between corps and alliances, piracy, anti piracy and of course, the massive alliance battles in nullsec!

ISD Dualgate > but how can, a new player be involved in these? Well, the key comes down to fight support

ISD Dualgate > unlike other forms of pvp, the biggest and strongest in eve are still vulnerable.

ISD Dualgate > large ships need small ships that have considerably less skillpoint requirements to fly

ISD Dualgate > these can be advanced interceptors, cruisers, or even basic frigates

ISD Dualgate > faction warfare for example is a great example of low cost pvp

ISD Dualgate > often, the pvp in faction warfare is best done with fast and nimble ships. Because combat is frequent, low cost ships are ideal

ISD Dualgate > people will use ships such as condors, or executioners to quickly tackle targets.

ISD Dualgate > As a new player, you can use these same ships to help your pvp corporation. The low costs of ships make it easy for your fleetmates to help fit, or to even replace yourself

ISD Dualgate > and this is a key to remember in pvp, it doesn't have to be expensive, so worry about loss with a good corp is no longer needed.

ISD Dualgate > The same goes for piracy or anti piracy

ISD Dualgate > when you are in a small group doing pvp, mobility is key. You do not want to sit in one place for a long time

ISD Dualgate > so cheap, and fast ships work great

ISD Dualgate > you will never see a fleet commander turn away somebody who can tackle

ISD Dualgate > [21:43:16] Meesha Stovokor > So frigates like Tristan are not such a bad choice for PvP? This is an excellent question, as well as the questions about tackle!

ISD WolvesMind > Mind if I chime in for this one Dualgate?

ISD Dualgate > Certainly!

ISD WolvesMind > Tackle refers to the action of limiting an enemy ships ability to move, either off the battlefield or just in general speed.

ISD WolvesMind > The use of items such as Warp disruptor modules can interfere with a ships ability to warp. allowing you to ensure you get a kill before they decide to flee.

ISD WolvesMind > Also items such as Stasis Webifiers can slow a ships overall speed, making it easier for you to get in close and do more damage.

ISD WolvesMind > You simply need these modules equipped to your ship, an enemy ship targeted, and to be within range to activate these modules.

ISD WolvesMind > some ships even get bonuses to these modules, such as the Crow which gets a 5% bonus range to warp scrambler and warp disruptor optimal range per interceptor level.

ISD WolvesMind > Allowing you to prevent a ship from warping away from the battlefield from a safer distance.

ISD WolvesMind > Does this make sense to everyone?

ISD WolvesMind > [21:47:31] Clone 4066 > Are competent tackler-players much in demand?

ISD WolvesMind > Absolutely! when I command a fleet. I prefer someone who is able to tackle effectively over someone who is just there to shoot things.

ISD WolvesMind > Thank you ISD Dualgate for letting me step in and explain tackling! I will step back and let you resume your lecture.

ISD Dualgate > Thank you very much ISD WolvesMind!

ISD Dualgate > Looking at the channel populations, be sure you are also in "Seminar Q&A" without the quotes.

ISD Dualgate > To continue on ISD WolvesMind's portion about tackle, it should be known that these modules can be quickly trained without many pre-requisites

ISD Dualgate > This will allow you to become involved in pvp without the larger time training it can take to do large amounts of damage.

ISD Dualgate > Tackle isn't the only way a new player can be highly effective though. Each faction has ships that specialize in "Electronic warfare" and "logistics"

ISD Dualgate > A player can start into this type of buffing and de-buffing roles without expensive ships or large skill investments as well.

ISD Dualgate > For eve, Logistics refers to remote support and repairs for your fleet.

ISD Dualgate > a good team of logistics ship can allow a smaller fleet to reach victory over a larger, but less organized fleet.

ISD Dualgate > The same goes for electronic warfare ships!

ISD Dualgate > A few electronic warfare ships can cause disruptions in the enemy fleet enough to earn an edge for victory.

ISD Dualgate > Note, that these are support roles, on their own, they cannot win, but can help survive or escape.

ISD WolvesMind > The Keres Electronic warfare ship is one of my favorite pvp ships in the game. If anyone would like to see an example of one of these specialized ships. Each race has their own unique electronic warfare type.

ISD Dualgate > But this is how new players are able to get into the larger fights and help veteran players. By taking on these roles, you are able to allow veterans to focus on combat and learn more about the pvp combat as well.

ISD Dualgate > Example of a Tech 1 logistics cruiser: Osprey

ISD Dualgate > Note how it gives bonuses to capacitor transfer and shield transfer.

ISD Dualgate > by working in teams, it can keep ships alive that will otherwise be destroyed.

ISD Dualgate > There are Tech II variants of ships that allow you to further develop these roles.

ISD Dualgate > If you start with tackle, you might begin with an Executioner

ISD Dualgate > from small gang to the largest alliance, these ships are great for locking down enemies, and being of assistance. Their low cost makes it easy to replace and to get into.

ISD Dualgate > From there, you can expand your skills and become a pro Malediction or Crusader interceptor pilot

ISD Dualgate > even though they are Tech II skills, the cost of them is relatively low, and the skillpoints needed to get into them not that high.

ISD Dualgate > What you need to know though is that they are VITAL!

ISD Dualgate > The large fight this past week, plex equivalence of $300,000

ISD Dualgate > it was not solely won on Titans and other capital ships

ISD WolvesMind > that is 1,666.7 years of gametime

ISD WolvesMind > in plex

ISD Dualgate > in that fight were hundreds of Tech 1 battleships, and countless interceptors.

SD Dualgate > These are the roles that any new player can get into. The ability to disrupt the enemy fleet, and offer support is often the linchpin to fights big and small.

ISD Dualgate > While we cannot go into the details of this time for how to fight, I hope this talk can give inspiration that it is possible without it being expensive or skillpoint intense

ISD Dualgate > if you are interested, seek out corporations that offer the fights that you are looking for!

ISD Dualgate > We can now go to a Q&A to expand on any thoughts or topics you wish further detail on.

ISD WolvesMind > If I may step in again Dualgate. I would like to explain in further detail how the different areas of space can affect pvp.

ISD Dualgate > Certainly, the floor is yours!

ISD WolvesMind > Thank you Dualgate!

ISD WolvesMind > the Eve online galaxy is a vast area.    Thare are 4 types of general areas of space.  High security space, low security space, no security space, and wormhole space

ISD WolvesMind > here is a breakdown of those 4 types of space

ISD WolvesMind > High sec: 1090Low sec: 8170.0: 3524 (of which 230 are not connected)W-space: 2499High sec + Low sec = Empire: 1907Empire + 0.0 = K-space: 5431K-space + W-space = Total: 7930K-space = Known SpaceW-Space= Wormhole Space

ISD WolvesMind > In high security space, PvP is limited due to the protection of CONCORD and the laws of the various empires. to partispate in PvP in this area, you need to either be in a war, have a limited engagement timer against another player.

ISD WolvesMind > or simply attack someone with the full knowledge that you will be destroyed by CONCORD

ISD WolvesMind > in High security space, there is a limit of what ships can be used, there are no capital ships allowed in high security space and ships like Stealth Bombers and Heavy Interdictors cannot be used to their full potential

ISD WolvesMind > As bombs, Warp interdiction bubbles, and various other AoE style weapons are prohibited within HIgh Security systems.

ISD WolvesMind > High security space is considered any system with a 0.5 to a 1.0 security rating. you can see this rating in the upper left hand corner of your screen, right next to the solar system name.

ISD WolvesMind > Low security space is where more pvp takes place. The restrictions on ship type and module use is less than in High security space.

ISD WolvesMind > Capital ships can enter low security space via cyno field jumps. and CONCORD will not engage any illegal pvp activities. which means that anyone can attack anybody at any time without instant penalty from CONCORD in the form of ship destruction

ISD WolvesMind > CONCORD however, does monitor low security space, and if you engage in illegal pvp actions, you will receive a reduction to your personal security status. which can cause problems later depending on what you want to do.

ISD WolvesMind > Low security space is considered any solar system with a 0.1 to a 0.4 security status

ISD WolvesMind > No security space, or "null sec" is where large player alliances claim sovereignty, there is no limit to the use of ship modules or ship types and no penalty from CONCORD for engaging in pvp

ISD WolvesMind > supercapital ships can use their immense superweapons. Stealth bombers can launch devastating bomb attacks, heavy interdictors can deploy mobile warp interdiction bubbles to stop whole fleets from engaging warp.

ISD WolvesMind > The recent battle which took place that resulted in the destruction in so many titan class supercapitals was located in Null security space.

ISD WolvesMind > Wormhole space is unique in a few ways, it is considered " null security" in its security rating, however, Wormhole space does not have an active local channel, meaning that unless someone talks, you cannot see them in your local chat window

ISD WolvesMind > giving fleets the element of suprize if a potential target is not paying attention

ISD Dualgate > Hi WolvesMind, got a great question here: [22:12:56] Meesha Stovokor > Is there any preferable set of core skills which need to be trained for PvP? Aside from the ones which decide your role as a PvP player.

ISD Dualgate > Navigation is one of the key areas of pvp. Being fast means you can be better into and out of a fight, and avoid damage or get tackle on enemies.

ISD WolvesMind > Excellent question Meesha, It is suggested that you train up the core skills which increase your base stats, shield HP, armor HP, structure HP, speed, and maneuverability

ISD WolvesMind > Back on the topic of wormhole space. you can only enter wormhole space via wormholes, which can have a limited access due to the fact that they can be destabilized by use

ISD WolvesMind > Finally, wormholes have unique effects within them that affect your ships systems, which can make your ship more or less effective, depending on the effect present in the system.

ISD WolvesMind > [22:16:33] ghost mcgavin > where are bubbles not allowed?

ISD WolvesMind > Bubbles are not allowed in low security, and high security space

ISD WolvesMind > Does all of this information make sense to everyone? does anyone have any additional questions related to how the type of space you are in can affect the PvP?

ISD WolvesMind > alright it seems like I explained how the type of space affects PvP, so I will turn the floor back over to ISD Dualgate to continue the seminar. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to teach you all something :)

ISD Dualgate > Well, I think we mostly got it covered, and it has been going for a bit, so I guess we will go straight to Q&A. Of course a big thank you to my partner in this impromptu seminar, ISD WolvesMind

ISD WolvesMind > /emote bows

ISD Dualgate > [22:21:20] Jurok Vanata > What is the best way to move tangentally also how can you tell how effective your movement is being?

ISD Dualgate > The best way is by experience. The angle depends on how far you are from the target. As you close in, sharpen the angle more, or spiral in at a shallow angle.

ISD Dualgate > To tell how effective you are, I recommend adding the Angular Velocity column to your overview.

ISD Dualgate > [22:21:46] Alton Theamar > About defensive fitting. Should passive tanking be preferred over active ?

ISD Dualgate > Most pvp when more than a few people is done with passive defense.

ISD Dualgate > This prevents your ship from being taken out before you can start repairing. You make use of logistics to repair your damage.

ISD Dualgate > Five logistics ship can do much more than an active tank can possibly do, plus you do not lose tank if you lose your capacitor.

ISD WolvesMind > [22:21:48] Nooranda Charante > I read that in massive battles time get's.. err warped?

ISD WolvesMind > excellent question. This is referred to as Time distortion or "Tidi" . this helps slows down time during very large battles, this is mostly so that the server can handle the stress that having so many people in one system can generate.

ISD WolvesMind > Ti-Di will automatically start and increase as the server load increases.

ISD WolvesMind > this will slow down time in the game and make actions take longer. so instead of taking 10 seconds to warp away from a battle, it may take 20 seconds or more!

ISD Dualgate > [22:26:31] Ronnie Wellings > so knowledge of your opponent ship(s) and there capability is key in pvp?

ISD Dualgate > Indeed it is. It is impossible to know exactly how a ship is fit, but generally, a good fleet commander can approximate on how a ship can fight and it's weaknesses to the best way to engage.

ISD Dualgate > It also helps in determining what and when to target other ships.

ISD WolvesMind > [22:24:03] Ichi Uno > might need to clarify the difference between passive & buffer

ISD WolvesMind > a passive tank relies on passive recharge modules, and passive resistances. The term "passive" refers to a buff or module that will provide effects without costing capacitor

ISD WolvesMind > A "buffer" tank, refers to fitting your ship with modules that increase the hit points and resistance of your ship rather than relying on a recharge effect to stay alive.

ISD WolvesMind > In my personal experience, a " buffer tank" fit is preferable in a PvP environment rather than a passive tank as a passive tanked ship can become more easily overwelmed by concentrated fire

ISD Dualgate > [22:27:52] Meesha Stovokor > How do you actually increase angular velocity to a target? By increasing power while orbiting it?

ISD Dualgate > Angular velocity is a combination of Transversal velocity and distance. Essentially, imagine a line drawn between your ship, and your target ship. Then compare to what it would look like in another second.

ISD Dualgate > At the same speed, the angle formed is greater the closer you are, or the faster you are.

ISD Dualgate > To manually fly and ensure that you are moving at an angle, you simply need to double click in space to where you want to go. If you just use commands and charge straight at a target, you will see there is no change in angle.

ISD WolvesMind > [22:31:33] Jurok Vanata > What is the best way to "practice" PvP? Most of the times I have tried it, it seems that I am totally out numbered or they can just basically one shot my ship before I can even act.

ISD WolvesMind > A great way to "practice" pvp is to find a friend, or group of friends and dual one another with the consensual agreement to stop at a certain point. say 50% armor or when someone says "uncle" you stop firing

ISD WolvesMind > that way you can see how effective your ship is in PvP without risking the ship

ISD WolvesMind > ALso, if you are in a player run corporation, you can shoot at your corporation mates without CONCORD attacking you. so if you have corporation members, you can practice pvp on them

ISD WolvesMind > make sure though you clear it with them first, as it is considered rude or aggressive to attack another corporation member without asking first

ISD WolvesMind > a note. if you are in an NPC corporation, you cannot attack corporation members freely, concord will attack you.

ISD Dualgate > [22:35:02] Fleaster Weaver > In a Dual can you destroy the other ship or does it say stop at 1 Structure HP?

ISD Dualgate > In a Duel, there is no limits that stop combat or protect your ship. The primary reason for a duel is to allow one on one consensual pvp without concord interfering.

ISD Dualgate > This does not stop the person from receiving gang boosts, or being remote repaired. Though remote repairing will cause a suspect standing.

ISD Dualgate > The best use of a duel for pvp practice is with somebody you know so you can fight to whatever limit you set. Often to structure.

ISD WolvesMind > a note to add onto that topic. Dueling only ends when the timer ends, you can destroy your opponents ship and even their capsule! your opponent can even dock into a station and get another ship and return to engage you

ISD WolvesMind > Keep this in mind when engaging in duels

ISD WolvesMind > [22:39:44] Khan Wildfire > what's the best way to approach a pvp centric corporation for membership?

ISD WolvesMind > The best way to approach a pvp centric corporation is to contact their CEO or a listed recruitment officer. ask about their requirements, what types of ships they fly. what kind of activity do they offer. and see if it feels like a good fit for you

ISD WolvesMind > In Eve, you should interview your corporation as much as your corporation may interview you.

ISD Dualgate > [22:39:51] Alton Theamar > How do people locate you lowsec? I had some pilots warp on top of me within 5 seconds of exiting warp

ISD Dualgate > This can be done with a combination of things. The most common is you can actually watch the direction somebody warps off to and try to guess where they warped.

ISD Dualgate > this same tactic can be used to more precisely place probes.

ISD WolvesMind > [22:42:45] Ronnie Wellings > if you are in a fight you can not win, is self-destruct an option?

ISD WolvesMind > Generally, no as self destruct takes over a minute to actually destroy your ship and in most cases your ship will be destroyed before then.  ISD WolvesMind > The only use for self destruct in a PvP situation is when you are in a ship that is very well tanked, but cannot win and cannot get out of the situation. and you want to deny your aggressors a Killmail.

ISD WolvesMind > the only time I have seen it used in the 8 or so years I've been playing is when a carrier got tackled in an asteroid belt. the carriers aggressors could not kill the carrier, but the carrier could not defeat them or escape

ISD WolvesMind > so to deny them the killmail before the aggressors reinforcements arrived, he self destructed

ISD Dualgate > Well, looks like questions are mostly wrapped up! Thank you to the players who also helped with the question seminars. Going to grab Ronnie's last question them will be closing thing up.

ISD Dualgate > [22:47:25] Ronnie Wellings > how effective are drones in pvp? Drones in pvp is quite dependent on the situation. The light drones can be essential for killing tackle as large ships cannot hit them.

ISD Dualgate > Some fleets also rely on long range drone ships for dealing damage.

ISD Dualgate > Oooh, one more good question.

ISD Dualgate > [22:48:40] Benson Brown > if you play a support role in pvp, you are usually not right in the fight correct? so how does one earn anything from being a healer type?

ISD Dualgate > The main reason to be a support or healer is often the fact that you are key to securing a win. While you may not get on killmails, corporations and alliances often have strong support nets for support pilots.

ISD Dualgate > A good support team for a null security alliance can mean the difference between holding or losing a system!

ISD WolvesMind > A note on the drone question

ISD Dualgate > Oh, certainly

ISD WolvesMind > some ships primarily do their most damage through their drones. the Ishtar for example is a powerful drone boat. and will easily do much more damage with its drones than it well with its guns

ISD WolvesMind > so they can be used as primary weapons rather than supplemental DPS

ISD Dualgate > Well, thank you all for coming out, it went a bit longer than we thought, but we hope it inspired you to check out a major part of eve. I would like a big thank you to ISD WolvesMind for his part, and to all of you for coming out!

ISD Dualgate > If you have more questions, I recommend the help channels, or seeking out and talking with one of the many pvp groups in Eve Online!

ISD WolvesMind > Good hunting to you all!

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