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EVE Fiction Portal
Latest Updates and Credits

Welcome to the portal for EVE lore. The game world has an extensive, grand and oftentimes brutal background, ranging anywhere from lowly tribes warring on planets to lone scientists making world-changing discoveries onboard space stations in interstellar orbit, all the way to terrifying capsuleers clashing with fire and destruction in their million-ton spaceships, with thousands of their crew hanging on for dear life.There are Gallentean pleasure hubs, and Amarr prayer machines. We have Fedo beasts crawling blindly in dark corners of abandoned asteroid mining posts, and hulking Titan-class vessels gliding massively through the vast, cold swathes of outer space. New Eden is composed of four major empires, a cluster of pirate factions, scores of corporations and power blocs, and through it all, scorning any allegiance but their own, the capsuleers soar down paths of fire and destruction.

The lore has been published in a great many places. We have novels, short stories, and hundreds of chronicles that cast a light on hereto unseen parts of New Eden. Then there are the newsposts, which for years have described the details of EVE's ongoing storylines; in-game missions and all manner of other in-game texts and information screens, all of whom lend countless threads to the weave of the great world; and, of course, grand events that range from preplanned storyline affairs and game expansions to player-driven wars of conquest, betrayal and drama.

The EVElopedia aims to collect all this and make it easily accessible to you. Moreover, we will expand on various parts of the lore, fleshing out sections of New Eden's background. We're hoping that you will spend a good long while here, preferably neglecting all other personal responsibilities in order to open just one more browser tab.


Empire Factions

Pirate Factions

And everyone else

Science & Technology

  • Ground technology – Ground-based technological developments of planets and moons.
  • Stations and orbitals - The technology behind our homes in the sky.
  • Ships - What drives these great, hulking behemoths.
  • Items - How it all clicks, whirrs, ticks and combusts. Except for the perpetual motion unit, the mention of which is a hanging offense.
  • General - The theories behind New Eden, including such amazing creations as the capsuleer pod and the ability to engage in Faster Than Light travel.


  • Origins – How we got from there to here.
  • Dark Ages – In those difficult days, shrouded in mystery and pain.
  • Rise of the Empires - What happened in the aftermath, when the Empires rose out of the ashes, grew, prospered ... and fought.
  • The Empyrean Age - The new gods came, then, and they were us.

Society and Tradition

  • Religions & Rituals – What we believe, in our pure and golden faith - and what those other deluded heretics cling to in the darkness of their pithy little minds.
  • Entertainment – Get your opiates here!
  • Non-tech advancements - It's not all spaceships and stations.



  • Regions - The great vast swathes of space
  • Constellations - Clusters of amazing places
  • Systems - Thousands and thousands...
  • Special sites - There are many unique interstellar sites yet to be fully discovered, described or explained


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