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EVE Chronicle Portal

Welcome to the EVE Chronicle portal. The Chronicles are short stories that are set in the world of EVE. They are intended first and foremost to entertain the reader and to deepen the game experience by casting light on various parts of the game world and its various features.

These are stories not only of space combat, but of people living their lives under strange and often difficult circumstances. You'll find love and loss here, along with hatred and revenge, reversals of fortunes, and more than a little dark humor.

The Chronicles are still being published, and as such this section is very much alive. Look for new stories alongside new EVE expansions. Note that as part of the new publication venue, there will not be any artwork for new creative content.

Latest stories


"The Order of St. Tetrimon welcomes Her Royal Highness Jamyl Sarum home. God’s children rejoice as His light returns home, and the light shall bring death and despair on His enemies."


The Order of St. Tetrimon struggles with the ramifications of the return of Jamyl Sarum and her reign as Empress of Amarr.

The Station and the Bazaar

"They are high-functioning madmen. There is no other way to put it. "


A rogue trader on a pirate station shares his impressions of the strangeness he's witnessed and the patterns that are emerging.


"The Yetamo brought fire to the steppes from the far off deserts."


Two Sebiestor orbital engineers conjure with nanotechnology and evoke a protean yet strangely familiar danger.

Other recent stories

And I Shall Hide

"It has told me that we are God. Before us, there was no God, but now there is one. I think we may be the Devil. My legacy will meet the Deceiver's and the Mad Emperor's once I am dead."

Falling Skies

"“Ranchel? Blaque. Phase two of Operation Highlander is go. Deploy at your discretion.”"

Cover Stories

"The real issue was the Nefantar and the Starkmanir and how those two tribes would disturb the balance of power in the Minmatar home worlds. The established tribes were playing a game of maneuver and counter-maneuver around the two returned tribes. These two were in their turn playing their hands for all they were worth to get what they could. Power politics, as murky and raw as it could get without turning into an open breach. That was the business of the assembly. That was why Allek was here."





Publication Date

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