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New Eden has over five thousand solar systems, and most of those contain several planets in orbit around a single sun. The number of temperate planets, and the resulting continuous matrix of constantly evolving life and society, has been known to make both biologists and social anthropologists giggle like little girls.

It isn't just temperate planets either: A number of other types (which may be anything from gas giants to ice planets) have gained some reputation in New Eden, for any number of reasons.


Notable planets




There is also a number of planets whose exact location or name is as yet unknown:


  • The boy's planet is described as a temperate world with corn fields. It is in the Amarr Empire. The planet has multiple slave owners on it, with the boy's father as one of the most important. There has apparently been trouble with the slave population recently and the boy's home has had its guard numbers doubled. [1]
  • The Society of Conscious Thought maintains enclaves in isolated regions on some planets.[2]
  • Ezzara VI is known to have very lush tropical regions.[3]
  • Some Minmatar planet holds the Sobaki desert, home to a dark hallucinogenic root, a yetamo lizard, and an enclave of Minmatar torturers.[4]
  • There is an unknown planet, apparently in either Amarr or Minmatar space along the border, that is home to a society of backward Amarr. The planet is extremely mineral rich and was settled some time ago by the Amarr. One valley of the planet has enough mineral wealth to launch a corporation into space. The valley is inhabited by a group of Amarr who appear to have a stone-age society, and who literally live in stone buildings. Though there is only one inhabited village in the area surrounding the valley, there are numerous ruins of older villages scattered around. The high mineral concentration in the valley causes the ground to be poisoned, so the inhabitants all suffer from some sort of disease that turns their veins black. A corporation hires a group of mercenaries to drive the populace out in order to begin mining operations there. However, the society is revealed to have Sani Sabik influences and they capture the mercenary team. At least one member of the mercenary team, known as Chalmers, tries to resist and is drained of blood in reprisal. The others are given the opportunity to join the colony or die slowly from poisoning. The cult in general appears to live underground in a large cavern. At the roof of the cavern is either a capsule or a device built to resemble a capsule that apparently is used to drain or store blood.[5]
  • There is a planet in the Kor-Azor region that is the home to many Amarr. It has an unusual political structure, where there are numerous Holders who each are subservient to continental overseers. These overseers are in turn responsible to a planetary governor who is elected in some manner, probably by vote of the Holders and the overseers. The people on the planet are downtrodden and restricted by the labyrinthine system of rule and are in a state of unrest, prior to the arrival of Aritcio Kor-Azor. The heir engages in a secretive fact-finding tour and realizes that the planetary governor is content to allow the commoners to remain repressed. Aritcio murders the governor, then covers it up through the planetary news service, and pressures the continental overseers to begin reforms.[6]
  • There is an Amarr planet where a temple exists that houses slaves and allows visitors to come and reflect on the Amarr faith. The temple sits near wheat fields and is a small distance from a mine. Slaves work the fields and mines. The priests are expected to assist as well, helping with harvesting wheat and carrying water to miners. Visitors are put to work in the wheat fields. The weather is hot during the harvest. Parlan, a priest, lives on the planet at the temple, while Heci has been a visitor.[7]
  • There is a planet in 32-GI9 that is inhabited. Kartanen Sedia planned to buy a house there once he retired.[8]
  • One of the planets in Urlen is the location of a massive fishery industry. The atmosphere is somewhat thin. Near one of the polar settlements, the magnetic fields create hypnotic purple skies with visible stars. The Caldari in particular have set up massive fisheries in the waters here. Much of the landscape is artificially adjusted, so streams run directly to factories and abattoirs. The efficiency of the fishing process allows fish to be transported from water to restaurant within an hour. The Salted Amarrian Rockjaw is one of the fish farmed here.[9]
  • There is a planet in the Ammatar Mandate where a terrorist cell is led by a man born into the Ammatar who always identified himself with the Minmatar. The Elders visited the planet during their invasion and took many with them, but he stayed behind. When Yonis Ardishapur came, he rebuilt the destroyed infrastructure on the planet, leading people to become content again. The terrorist cell has begun to detonate explosives in the rebuilt areas on the planet in order to shake up the populace.[10]
  • There is a planet in Kador space, where a Lieutenant of Grand Admiral Eturrer is hiding, guarded by Kador's men.[11]
  • Described as being in the dark end of space, there is an Amarr religious colony that was discovered by a mercenary team to have some news of Grand Admiral Eturrer whereabouts. Even though one of the mercenary team was a Wanderer, the colonists still chased them off once they discovered they were working for the Gallente.[11]
  • An unnamed planet is home to the metropolis Khyyrth in the Caldari State.[12]


  • There is a desert planet a couple of jumps from 32-GI9 that is home to a mineral extracting facility, and to several towns and settlements within travel range of that facility. Kartanen Sedia is the overseer of the facility, Jania Bedtot and Szekel were researchers, and Rakan Dep was the security officer. An asteroid containing primitive life once crashed on the planet. Some form of indigenous life is known to live beneath the desert and emerge whenever it rains.[8]

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