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This is the official CCP created guide for Planetary Interaction.

Please note: Here you can watch a video tutorial explaining the complete [Planetary Interaction features].

We also want to remind you that various changes to Planetary Interaction content and features were added to the game with the release of INCURSION. Information on the most important changes and improvements introduced to the game in INCURSION can be found in this article: INCURSION AND PLANETARY INTERACTION.

A new youtube video tutorial on Planetary Interaction in Incursion is also available: [The New Incursion Planetary Interaction Tutorial]


The main features of EVE Planetary Interaction

Planetary Interaction – What do you need?

The Player Experience

This is an individual project - being a member in a player corporation is not required (technically speaking, neither are the skills). That means a new player can start interacting with planets, setting up a Basic Command Center (referred to as Command Center or simply “CC“ in the following), in order to extract, route and process deposits on a planet. However, there is some cost involved in setting up a Command Center, Extractor, Processor, Storage Facilities and a private Launch Pad (optional), and fees that need to be paid. However, establishing a colony and paying the fees (mainly in form of customs tax) shouldn‘t be too burdensome for any player, who‘s keen on trying this out.


If you want your undertaking to be successful, some skill will definitely help, although they're not a prerequisite to your colonialisation plans. The basic one, to start the project would be the Remote Sensing skill. This skill is required to scan a planet for resources or View in Planetary Mode as it's called in-game: Whether in orbit or remotely. That means, the higher you've trained this skill, the further away you can scan planets for their deposits. And remember, we're talking about light years per level, so you will increase your scanning range to cover entire systems for each level you train. Players can buy this skill on the market, but it may also be offered as mission reward from tutorial missions. This should make it easier for new players to play a part in planetary interaction from the very start.

Remote Sensing Skill Information.jpg

Another important skill is Planetology, which enables the player to scan for deposits on a planet and make use of the readout from the scanning. The higher you train this skill, the more accurate the readout of your scans, and this in turn allows you to better locate the spots that offer the highest yield of a deposit.

Planetology Skill Information.jpg

Apart from the above, further skills will be introduced, which allow players to upgrade their facilities and processes, such as Advanced Planetology, Interplanetary Consolidation, Command Center Upgrades. Further information on the skills can also be found in each skill's info menu or in the following articles.

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