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Aside from the technological marvels that greet the denizens of New Eden - well, the wealthy, spacefaring ones, anyway - the cluster contains a myriad of other advancements that, while not strictly technological in nature, nonetheless deserve to be noted.

  • Alcohol is a staple in New Eden.
  • Body mining is as profitable as it is illegal.
  • The Book of Records is important to every Amarr citizen.
  • Caldari bloodlines are the result of centuries of tribal warfare.
  • Corn is a staple in New Eden.
  • The Egone has made some headway into crowd registration.
  • Firwa is an alcoholic beverage made by the distillation of fermented solinum grain and sweet fruits.
  • Gallente Executive Order 81042 attempted to nationalize the Gallente military-industrial complex, resulting in Roden's rise to fame.
  • The Jove build kitzes all over the place in order, they say, to better society.
  • Dividing the galaxy into market regions keeps galactic trade manageable.
  • Mercenaries are an important part of corporate security.
  • Slaves exist in New Eden, for better or worse.
  • The Vitrauze Agreement dictates the treatment of Sleeper salvage.
  • The Gallente franchise system keeps corporations bound to governments (and occasionally vice versa).

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