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Despite the four empires' dominance of the cluster, great swathes of space are still left unclaimed - in the empires' own mind, that is. To those who live in these distant areas, the space is very much under their ownership, and plays home to people who either have chosen to align themselves with no one but their own closest kin, or whose outlook and style of life clashes rather harshly with the values espoused by the empires. Pirates, that is to say. Scary people.

Often these pirate and nonaligned factions are the result of violence, of schisms within formerly unified factions, where someone - sometimes the losers, sometimes just a group of people who preferred to leave with the ground burning behind them - broke away in anger and a need for freedom. The empires hunt them with all their might, and have blackened their names in official history, often painting them as miscreants and hopeless cases whose time has always been limited.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that some who chose this path have created amazing and marvelous lives; for the coldest parts of space can still host life, and not all who wander are lost.


Notable Pirates

There are several notable pirate factions in New Eden, and they are led and operated by several notable pirates, each of them with their rather unique attitude toward on life, death, and the often very brief interval between the two. Also, don't use the s-word.

Notable Deceased Pirate Scu-... Leaders and Dignitaries

Other Notable Individuals

Notable Deceased or Historic Individuals

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