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The New Player Training Sessions are a series of in-game seminars run by EVE Online's developer, CCP Games, aimed at instructing new players about some of the more complicated parts of EVE Online. These seminars typically last 20-30 minutes and are followed by an open question and answers session during which players can directly ask members of the EVE Online Community Team questions about the game. The seminars are organized into "Tracks" which cover a single overarching topic, such as Combat, Exploration, or Industry. They are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 UTC (EVE Time) in the in-game channel "New Player Training Sessions."


Joining the Sessions

Players can join the New Player Training Sessions in game by joining the identically named chat channel in-game. Joining the channel is simple. First, click on the chat bubble to open a new chat window as seen below.


Next, enter the name of the channel in the search window. It is New Player Training Sessions. You must type in the full channel name and spell it correctly. Next click on the join button.


If done correctly, you will join the chat channel as seen below. If done incorrectly, it will ask if you wish to create the channel. Click no and check your spelling!


Alternately, members of the EVE Online Community Team will post invites in the Rookie Help and rookie corporations in the hour prior to the seminar beginning. These invites will include a link to the channel which can be clicked to open the channel up.

The channel is open to chatting most of the time, except directly before and during a seminar. Often times, players will hang around in the channel and use it as a somewhat lower-intensity Help Channel. The channel is not monitored except during seminars, but any misbehavior can be dealt with through filing a support ticket via the F12 menu.

Seminar Structure

Individual seminars are structured according to the topic at hand and how best to present the information. During the seminar, the chat channel will be set in Moderated mode, meaning only CCP employees or ISD members will be permitted to speak in it.

Each one starts off with a brief introduction of the topic to be discussed. Following this, the topic will be delved into in more detail. During the seminar, each individual subject will begin with a header posted in bold to introduce it. The topic will then be explained in more depth.

Sometimes there will be words or phrases in the seminar which are highlighted in yellow. These are usually links that can be clicked on to bring up an image or page on the in-game browser that will help provide further context or explanation to the session. Other times, they are links to in-game items or skills, so that players can open them and see how they appear in the client.

Once the seminar is completed, a Q&A session will be opened.

Q&A Session

Q&A Sessions occur after every seminar and generally last between 30 minutes and an hour. Questions should be related directly to the topic being discussed during the seminar. They will be answered individually by members of the EVE Community Team or by helpful players in the channel who know the topic.

These Q&A sessions are currently not logged.

Reviewing Seminars

Wednesday seminars are currently rerun prior to the Saturday seminar at 17:00 EVE time by members of the ISD STAR team. Additionally, all New Player Training Sessions are uploaded to the EVElopedia, usually within 24 hours. They can be found at the New Player Training Session category page.

Video versions of the sessions are being produced and will hopefully be launched in the near future.

Developer-led Fleets

At the end of every track, the EVE Community Team leads a number of fleets in an activity related to the session. The fleets utilize either EVE Voice or Mumble for voice communication as needed. They will form up around 18:00 UTC with the aim of departing around by 18:30 to 19:00 UTC. They typically last an hour, depending on the activity being performed.

Because EVE Online is a sandbox game, these fleets can be dangerous, especially if they are heading into low or null security space, players are urged to only bring ships they can afford to lose. Prior to the fleet, CCP will offer T1 fit frigates to anyone who wishes one. These frigates are fit with tech 1, meta 0 modules and are designed to allow any player with minimal skill training to fly them, thus the fittings are not optimal in any way.

Attempts to disrupt these fleets by other players before they form are prohibited. However, once they are formed they are fair game for other players.

Current Schedule

The current schedule for the New Player Training Session is:

Monday, November 24, 2014
15:00 UTC - Orientation and the UI
16:00 UTC - Skills
17:00 UTC - Ships and fitting

Previous Seminars

All previous seminars can be found here

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