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Once you're logged in, the tutorial is a great way to get familiar with the interface and basic game elements. The default chat channel is Rookie Help Chat, and it's a great place to go for advice and assistance. The page you are currently reading was created specifically to help new pilots quickly immerse themselves in the incredible universe of EVE Online.

There is a lot more detailed information contained throughout EVElopedia, all of which can be accessed using the search function on the left side of the page.

The Necessary Basics

The EVE Career Guide


Download the EVE Career Guide and discover some of the many careers new pilots can aspire to in EVE Online.

EXPLORE - Are you that rogue captain that enjoys the thrill of sneaking through enemy territory? Do you yearn to discover new worlds?

BUILD AND TRADE - Are you a person who knows how to close a deal? Does competing in a marketplace with 2,000 transactions a minute pique your interest?

WAGE WAR AND DOMINATE - What is your definition of epic combat? Is it fleets of hundreds clashing in battle? Is it war for control of entire constellations? Does high risk PvP get your blood racing?

The EVE Career Guide is a downloadable overview of many of the career paths that EVE players have embarked on. Filled with ship information, getting started guides and links to related resources, it is one of the best places to start for new EVE players.

Interacting with Others

Join or Create a Chat Channel

Chat Bubble
  1. Click the Chat Bubble in the upper right of the chat window.
  2. In the Channels window, enter the name of the channel you would like to join or create.
  3. Click Join or Create

Finding People and Places in EVE

  1. Click the People & Places button in the NeoCom on the left.
  2. Select the Search Type from the dropdown box
  3. Enter the name of the player, NPC or location that you would like to search for.
  4. Click Search.
Chat Bubble

Travel and Stargates

Stargates are the great connectors in New Eden. Every system has one or more stargates that form part of a larger network of gates connecting all known systems. To navigate these gates, which you’ll be doing a lot, approach a gate within 2500m and press Jump on your overview. You can create routes in the Star Map tool, have them plotted for you by selecting your destination from the people and places tool, contracts, agent descriptions, and many other ways; usually by right-clicking for the context menu and pressing Set Destination.

Until you’re better acquainted with the dangers of Low Sec space, always set your autopilot to safer in the Autopilot settings area.


  • 1.0 - 0.5 High Security Space (Hi Sec)
  • 0.4 – 0.1 Low Security Space (Low Sec)
  • 0.0 - 0.0 Lawless Space (Null Sec)

CONCORD, the police force of EVE, reacts quickly in systems with a security rating of 0.5 and above, but they are not powerful enough to make attacks impossible (nor are they meant to be). The lower the security level is, the longer it takes for CONCORD to respond. CONCORD does not patrol or offer assistance in 0.0 space.

Missions and Agents

Finding a Career Agent

  1. Press F12
  2. Click Show Career Agents
  3. Click Set Destination on the Agent you wish to travel to.

Finding Nearby Agents

  1. Press F10
  2. Click the Star Map tab on the World Map panel.
  3. Click the Stars subtab
  4. Select My Available Agents

Systems with available agents will be highlighted in green. The larger the highlight, the more agents there are in that system for you.

Agent Rating

All Agents have a rating to them, indicating difficulty, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. Completing missions will raise your standings with their respective agents, opening up more challenging and lucrative agents and missions for you.

Playing the Market

Price History

Reading the Price History Graph

The View Details button on each item in the market allows you to view prices and quantities for that item throughout the current region. The Price History tab displays a graph of historical data including various indicators to help buyers and speculators identify the best price for the item.

Moving Averages (red/green lines) identify trends in the price of the market item.

Donchian Channel (brown shading) shows how volatile the price is. The narrower the channel is, the more stable the price is.

Median Day Price (yellow dots) indicates the middle range that the item has sold for that day.

Volume (green bars) indicates the number of units of that item sold that day.

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Additional Information

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