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Black Mountain

Black Mountain was a serial novel written by CCP Abraxas and published as a series of chronicles. It deals with desperate search for a potentially world-altering object, and the resulting clash between the secret groups of the two factions, Society of Conscious Thought and Sisters of EVE, who are hunting for it.

Prologue Chronicles

Main Series

  1. On This Earth
  2. Inertial
  3. The Room
  4. The First Half
  5. Of a Sentence
  6. A Man of Peace
  7. Some Dying Angel
  8. Hyperconsciousness
  9. Pushing Towards Bliss
  10. The Canvas
  11. A Pleasant Surprise
  12. The Sanctuary
  13. Polymelia
  14. Black Mountain
  15. Dismantling
  16. Sounding the Horns of the Hunt

End of the World

End of the World was a six-part serial published in conjunction with the Apocrypha expansion, wherein a cataclysmic event destroyed an entire planet and caused cluster-wide ripples in space, resulting in in interspatial tears, called wormholes, that led to strange and dangerous new areas. Oh, and everyone on the planet died.

  1. The Spiral
  2. Half a Life
  3. 1
  4. The Great Harvest
  5. We Humans
  6. World On Fire

Gallente-Caldari War

This group of stories chronicle how the war between two of the largest empires in New Eden came to be.

Methods of Torture

This series details how each specific empire faction deals with its agitated elements. Readers should be warned that these stories are really quite dark.

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