Moral Reforms

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The Moral Reforms were a struggle between the Amarr Emperor and Council of Apostles which took place between 21875 AD and 21950 AD, roughly 1500 years ago.

They transferred the power of the Council of Apostles to the Emperor and newly formed Privy Council. The Emperor became the spiritual and worldly leader of the Empire. Many of the Apostles’ supporters were reminded of the Mad Emperor, but they were quickly silenced.

The new Emperor created the Theology Council during this time to create new scripture that secured the power of the Emperor and the Privy Council. The latter was a staunch supporter of the Emperor during this time, which led to their elevation as the five Royal Heir Families.

The Order of St. Tetrimon, however, stood against the Moral Reforms. Instead of openly defying the Theology Council and Privy Council, they hid the records and artifacts of the Council of Apostles.

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