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The exploration and settlement of New Eden hasn't stopped at planets or even orbiting stations: Moons and other celestials have been put to thorough use, most often either through large-scale asteroid ore mining, or human settlements. It goes without saying that the kinds of settlements that occur on these desolate rocks, and the kind of life that this entails, are not of the most pleasant and non-grimy variety.


Notable moons and asteroids


There is also a number of moons and asteroids whose exact locations or names are as yet unknown.

  • An unnamed lush, tropical moon was selected by an Amarr corporation as a source of materials for construction of a titan. Over the decades, the surface was stripped away, turning the moon into an tectonically unstable hellhole.[1]
  • A moon in Thukker space, among the Minmatar Elder sanctuaries, where Maleatu Shakor retired to after the Elder invasion of Amarr in YC110 and the breakdown of Minmatar Republic government following Karin Midular’s stepping down as Prime Minister. [2]

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