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A beleaguered Republic whose peaceful development has been plagued and marked by the invasions of others, this empire of driven, independent, tribe-oriented people has seen more tumultuous times than possibly any other in New Eden.

They are a driven people who know how to make the best of a bad situation, they have taken to the stars in droves, part to explore new grounds for their peoples, and part to reclaim those who they have lost to dark places.

Along the way they have managed, for better or worse, to retain traditional practices and ways of life, weaving them not into the layers of society, as others empires do, but into the very mindset of Republic citizens and thus into anything they accomplish within their empire.


Notable Individuals

There are many known Matari, though their fame is, sadly, all too often related to the struggles the Minmatar people have had to endure. Given the heavy tribal emphasis within the Republic, and the way the tribe's identity is interwoven with the existence of all of its members, these individuals may be separated according to which tribe they belong.

Tribal Leaders and Associates

The Sanmatar

  • Maleatu Shakor, leader and Sanmatar of the Minmatar people. This particular position is a relatively new one, deriving from a term meaning "true Matar" or, among the Ammatar, "true home". The Sanmatar was originally the de-facto head of state, acting as a mediator. The price for this position is high, though, as its bearer must renounce his or her own tribe to maintain objectivity, effectively becoming a nomad among their own people.

The Seven Leaders

There are seven tribes, though only four of these have unfailingly remained within the bounds of the Republic during its eventful existence. Two others were thought lost, each in their own way - the Starkmanir to death; the Nefantar, even worse, to the Amarr - while the seventh, the Thukkers, left of their own volition to travel the stars. The tribes have recently been unified back in the Republic, though the old ways of some still retain their attraction.

The Elders

While the Minmatar tribes have followed their own spiritual philosophies since the formation of their first collective culture, one commonality has always been this shared pantheon of seven spirits. The Elders are the seven representatives of the tribes that governed the tribal Matari people for thousands of years before the Amarr invasion.


Widely respected as being among the most innovative thinkers of the cluster, the Sebiestor are an ingenious people with a natural fondness for engineering.


The Krusual tribe is sly and cunning, shrouding its ways in lies and secrecy.


The Brutor are a martial people who live regimented, disciplined lives.


The Vherokior are a versatile people known for their access to all aspects of Minmatar society.


The Nefantar gave up most of their traditions and embraced the Amarr culture when they came in contact. They have recently returned to the fold.

  • Sispur, a recent return to the Republic.
  • Ana Utulf, a former Ammatar Governor.


The Starkmanir were slaves in the Ammatar Mandate, their tribe having been thought extinct by the Minmatar public. They are now returning to the Republic in droves.

  • Annes, a recent return to the Republic.


The Thukkers are nomadic in nature, constantly roaming from one place to another, though some have now begun returning to the Republic for a bit of solid ground underfoot.

  • Kotan, a captain leading a small escort force for merchants in the Great Wildlands.
  • Olaer, an old man who's ambivalent about the recent Thukker influx into Minmatar territory.
  • Triat, a recent return to the Republic.
  • Yane, a former crewman on a Thukker ship.

Others and Unaffiliated

Some belong to no known tribe, and yet others have affiliations that are as yet unknown.

Past Nontribal Figures of Note

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