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When a pilot works for a standard agent (not a research agent, a storyline or an event agent), in addition to cash rewards, the agent will award loyalty points for successfully completed missions.

Gaining LP

The amount of Loyalty Points that will be rewarded are included in the mission details near the ISK reward and can be used as a fair gauge of the difficulty of the mission.

The amount given depends on several factors, including:

  • Agent Level
  • The mission in question
  • Security rating of the agent's system (the lower the security, the better the rewards)
  • Your relevant connections skills

The effects of sec status are approximately given by this formula:

LP Factor = [1 + 0.27 * 5 * (1 - System sec status)] * 2^2

So, for example, if you complete the same mission for an agent in 0.0 space and an agent in 1.0 space, the first one gets a factor of 9.4 and the second gets a factor of 4. Also, there tend to be higher quality agents in lower security space.

The effect of the individual mission varies a great deal. It is regularly recalculated, taking into account how often pilots fail to complete that mission and how long they take to do so.

Hint: Loyalty Points are not transferable between characters.

Loyalty Points are corporation-based: no matter which agent of corporation X you do the mission for, you can spend them at any corporation X loyalty store, and they stack up with LPs from other agents of that corporation. (Prior to Revelations II LPs were associated with the agent that rewarded them).

Each NPC corp has its own Loyalty Point store, where you can swap LPs, dog tags and ISK for items (such as faction ship modules, blueprint copies, implants or charges).

You will be able to open the store for a corp from stations owned by that NPC corp. This is done by clicking on an "Open Store" button that appears in the station services list.


All the offers that the corp in question has available can be found in the store interface.

  • Item Category, Item Group, and Item Type lets you filter down to offers with a particular type of reward.
  • 'Sort Page By' lets you sort by LP amount, ISK amount or Standing Required.
  • Min Price and Max Price filter by amount of ISK needed.
  • Min LP and Max LP filter by number of LPs needed.

This combination of filters should allow you to find the offer you're after, or if not you can just browse through them with "next" and "back" buttons. The "Only Affordable" button limits it to just the offers you can actually claim (LP, ISK, Standing checked).

For each offer you can get more info on it in the same way you would with a contract, and the information display is in the same format as contracts.


Offers can have three types of requirements

  • LP: You need to give up a certain number of LPs to claim the offer. This is the primary "cost" of offers and all offers require LPs.
  • ISK: You need to pay a certain amount of ISK to claim the offer. Most, but not all offers require ISK.
  • Items: You need to hand over certain specified items to claim the offer, such as tags or the non faction version of the item offered. Not all offers require items.

Offers will generally give out items only. Offers do not "run out" – there is effectively an infinite number of each type of offer.

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