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The Kingdom

The Khanid Kingdom is a theocratic monarchy ruled by King Khanid II.

Once one of the five Royal Houses of the Amarr, the Khanid seceded from the Empire during the succession trials three hundred years ago, when the Khanid Heir refused to commit ritual suicide at the conclusion of the ceremony. Declaring his home region sovereign territory and styling himself King Khanid II, the Kingdom has forged close ties with the Caldari and had at first a rocky relationship with the Amarr Empire. Their diplomatic history has seen its share of ups and downs, though they are on good terms today.


Khanid Family

The Khanid Family has a long and rich history. It all began on Amarr Prime in the early days of the Reclaiming, during which the name Khanid was given to the Khanid chiefs by the True Amarr. The moniker means "little lord" or "lordling" and is an affectionate term generally given to a cherished friend. Soon after, the name began to be applied to the nation as a whole, and even after the Khanid domain was raised in status to one of the great Amarr Holder families, the ruling family adopted the Khanid name as their own, winning the hearts of the Khanid people in the process.

Technology Level

The Khanid Kingdom embraces technology, including cloning, much more willingly than the Amarr Empire. Even if most Amarr traditions and customs still exist within the kingdom, they’ve been modified so that Dark Amarr society is much more dynamic and robust than that of the Amarr Empire.


One crucial moment occurred in the year AD 23041: It marked the point in history when the family achieved their independence. It was Khanid II who led the rebellion against the Amarr Empire, following the election of Heideran VII as Emperor. He defied the Amarr succession rituals and split himself and his estates from the Empire. The reasons were his fierce ambition and love of life, traits that later helped keep his kingdom intact through numerous upheavals.

In the first few months the family was almost completely cleaved: One the one side, Khanid II; on the other, Dakos, who was at the forefront of those relatives of Khanid who opposed his actions and wished to remain as one of the Heir families. Dakos opposed him and rebelled against the Khanid Kingdom, leading to the young kingdom's first civil war. His rebellion ended when he was assassinated by agents of Khanid II.

This was not the last time that Khanid’s own family acted against him. Khanid has always managed to smother all rebellion attempts, each time tightening the leash on those who might try for the throne. Today all women and children belonging to the family spend their time in the royal palace on Khanid Prime. Although they live in luxury and comfort they’re still hostages, kept to keep their husbands and fathers in line. As for the men, they must spend at least a quarter of each year in the royal palace on Khanid Prime, and there are strict restrictions as to what arms they can own or bear.

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