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Jump clones are extra clones you can use to jump from one location to another without having to undertake the whole journey in your ship. You can jump out of your body full of implants into another clone at some remote location, do a bit of PvP and even be pod killed and all the while the implants are safe and sound in the old body and you can simply clone jump to it later on.

Please note: There are 3 different kinds of clones: Current clone, Medical clone, and Jump clones. Everyone in EVE has a Current clone and Medical clone. When you (in your current clone) die in your pod, you go to your Medical clone, making it your new current clone and a new medical clone is automatically created which can then be upgraded. When you clone jump your previous Current clone becomes a jump clone and your destination Jump clone becomes your current clone. You can effectively move your jump clones to any station by making it your current clone, flying to any station and then jump into a different clone.


How to use and configure jump clones

In order to install jump clones you must be located at the facility in which the clone is to be installed. You also need a science skill called "Infomorph Psychology". Each level of the skill allows you to have +1 jump clone. In order to jump to the jump clone, open up your character sheet and go to the 'Jump clones' tab. Locate the jump clone you wish to jump to, right click on it and select 'CLONE JUMP'.

In order to activate a jump clone you should be docked at a station which does not have a jump clone installed. A new jump clone will be installed in the station you jump from, this being the clone you were located in before you initiated the clone jump.

Locations with medical facilities can receive jump clones, including:

  • Stations
  • Outposts
  • Ships that have medical facilities
Please note: If you clone jump to another jump clone while located in a station with no medical facilities, you will leave a jump clone there. However, you are not able to create a new jump clone out of thin air if there are no medical facilities available.

Jump clone installation

General Conditions

The character must be physically located where the jump clone is to be installed.

The character installing the jump clone should not exceed his limit of jump clones installable. (Defined by one's skill level in Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology) If the clone is being installed at a station: The character installing the jump clone must have sufficient standing with the owner of the station to be allowed to install a clone within that station, regardless of whether it is going into the station itself or into a ship using the facilities of that station. If the character is in a player corporation and doesn't have the required standing, it will still be possible for him to install a Jump Clone, if his corporation has the standing.. At this time of writing, the minimum standing is 8.0 by default.

There is a cost for clone installation that covers both the act of installation and the cost of the actual jump clone installed. This is not paid to the owners of the station and is just deducted from the installer. If they do not have sufficient cash to pay this cost, they cannot install a clone. At this time the cost is 100,000 ISK.

Into Stations

If a jump clone is to be installed in a station, you must be located at that station.

Into Ships

A jump clone may be installed inside a suitable ship with a working clone vat bay. One player must first pilot the equipped ship space beside the player who wishes to install the clone, or vice versa. The pilot of the ship with the operating clone vat bay must make an offer to the character that wishes to install the clone.

This offer will only be passed on to the installer if it adheres to these initial conditions:

  • Neither the installer or the installee can be involved in any other jump clone installations into ships at the same time as this one is ongoing.
  • The ship should have space for another jump clone to be installed. The ‘show info’ window for the ship should display the maximum number that can be installed in the ‘attributes’ pane.
  • The installer should not already have a jump clone installed in the given ship.

Finally, it is only possible to install a clone in someone else’s ship, not your own.

Jump clone usage

There are two parties that can be interactively involved in some part of the act of jumping to jump clones.

  • The character who owns the jump clone.
  • The character who is piloting the ship a jump clone is installed in.

At this time there are no restrictions that prevent you from jumping to a clone installed in a given station. Ships are a little more constrained in terms of how they can be jumped to, but that is addressed in the next section (‘controlling when people can clone jump to your ship’).

Remember that clone jumping to a destination location leaves behind your current body as a jump clone at the source location, with any implants you might have had installed before the jump still installed in your old body/the jump clone you left behind.

'Warning: 'If there is a jump clone already installed in the source location you are going to clone jump from, you will be asked if you want to destroy that clone to make the jump – as your current body will replace it. The question will also note whether the existing jump clone has implants installed in it, just so you know what you will be losing should you go ahead with the jump.

If there are implants installed in the destination clone, you will reawaken at the location it is installed in with those implants installed.

Jumping to a station will result in your character being located in that station, ship-less. However, jumping to a location in space, like a ship will result in your character being located in a pod beside that location.

There is a limit on how frequently you can clone jump. At this time it is once every 24 hours reduced by one hour for each rank in the skill Informorph Synchronizing.

Controlling when people can clone jump to your ship'

If a jump clone is located in a ship, the clone's owner may not be able to jump to it at all times. That ship needs to be in space at the time of the attempt and the pilot of the ship needs to activate a suitable module which enables it to receive clone jumps. Only when the ship is in space and a module of the required type is activated, may they jump to it.

Jump clone management

There are three separate parties that can manage installed clones.

  • A character who has clones installed.
  • A character piloting a ship which has jump clones installed.
  • A character with Director role in his player corporation, where said corporation owns a player-owned station which has jump clones installed in it.

For the most part, 'management' is the ability to view and possibly destroy jump clones. However, if a clone is destroyed, its owner will receive an EVE mail detailing the loss, where it was located, who owned the location and any implants that were installed in it.

Personal clone management

Through the character sheet, a player can see the jump clones they have (in any location) and what implants are installed in each clone (if any). Jump clones installed in stations are straightforward. You can destroy a jump clone you have installed in one as long as you are present in that station.

When your jump clones are installed in ships, things get a little more complicated. When you install a clone into a ship, you are at the mercy of the owner of that ship as that clone counts towards the limited number of jump clones you can have installed and you do not have the ability to destroy it. Only the pilot of that ship does. If the ship is sold or given away, you can permanently lose control of the clone.

Ship clone management

While you are piloting a ship that has the capability to hold jump clones, it should be possible to view those that are installed. You also have the ability to destroy any of them at your leisure.

Player-owned station clone management

A third party corporation which owns the station in which you have a jump clone cannot destroy your jump clone. This means that a jump clone is safe from external tampering, it also dictates that you may end up in an hostile outpost. In such cases, you will have to get out of the region on your own.

User Interface

The user interface involved with jump clones and clone jumping is located in several places.

The character sheet

The character sheet has a panel where a character can view all the jump clones they have installed, where they are installed and what implants a jump clone may have had left inside it.

Station management

The station management interface in a player-owned station, where a director of the corporation that owns that station can set the corporation standing required to be able to use the clone facilities there.

Ship menu

An option on the context menu of a piloted ship. The pilot should be able to view and destroy any clones installed in that ship.

Please note: There are 2 types of clones in the game. One is your regular clone that you can buy and upgrade at medical facilities and the other is the jump clone, which has been covered in this article. The regular medical clone is used to save your skill points, in case you lose your pod, and the jump clone can be used to save your implants so you can engage in combat without having to have to worry about the implants in your head. Those two clone systems are not related and when your pod is destroyed, you will not awaken in a jump clone. You will awaken at your medical clone location.
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