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Please note: Following a recent patch, the jukebox has been removed from the game in favor of more dynamic music control, however all tracks can now be found on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames/sets/eve-online-in-game-tracks



How the in game jukebox works.

EVE music is available in the Jukebox, and you may change which track is currently played by double-clicking the song entry.

It is possible to reduce the Jukebox with the right "PL" window and treat it like a regular window which can be stacked with others.

Change Jukebox Playlist

How to create a new play list

  • 1. Click on the "Jukebox" Tab in the Left menu.
  • 2. Click on the "New" Tab under the playlists window.
  • 3. Type in a playlist name and hit "OK".
    • Example: My playlist.
  • 4. Go into the new playlist you made, the list will be empty so we need to add the music.
  • 5. Click on the "Add Tracks".
  • 6. Now a new window should pop up.
  • 7. Above it should read "Location", here you must write the address of your music folder.
    • Example: C:/User/Administrator/Music
  • 8. You don't need to add one and one track, you simply just mark the folder with all your music in, and you hit the "OK" button.
  • 9. Wait a few seconds or minutes, depending on how much music your adding.
  • 10. You have now made a playlist, undock from station and ROCK THE UNIVERSE!

OS X Instructions

  • 1. Edit the text file: /Users/"your login name"/Library/Preferences/EVE Online Preferences/config

(replace "your login name" accordingly)

  • 2. Add the following lines to the file, alongside the other drive chunks:
    • [Drive M]
    • "Path" = "/Users/"your login name"/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/"
    • "Type" = "hd"
    • "Label" = "music"
    • "Filesystem" = "win95"

Path here cites your iTunes music directory. The default is under /Users/"your user name"/Music/iTunes/ as either iTunes Media/Music/ or iTunes Music/Music/.

Now when prompted for a Jukebox directory, you can type "M:/" to map entire library or specify any subdirectories you want. You can also set up separate drives for separate sub directories.

  • Be warned, you may only want to add less than 200 files.

Since the Mac client is a Windows client in a Windows emulator, your wonderful collection of .m4a files will not show up in the jukebox. Down-convert them to MP3 files into some convenient location, such as /Users/"your user name"/Library/Preferences/EVE Online Preferences/p_drive/My Documents/My Music/ -- the jukebox can access this via P:/My Documents/My Music/.

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