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What is a Corporation

Corporations are the building blocks of player communities in EVE Online. The first time your new pilot enters New Eden, he will automatically be in one of the default NPC corporations. Here you will find a multitude of other players ranging from other brand new pilots to age old veterans who have never left their starting corp or have returned for a short stint between player run corporations. From this initial NPC corp you can join a player run corporation at any time.

Corporations are similar to guilds, kinships or clans in other MMOs.

Corporation selection EVElopedia quick guide to choosing a corporation to join.


NPC vs Player Corporations

NPC Corporations don't have anyone at the helm running them. They are mostly placeholders, a place to be in, if your pilot is not in a player-run corporation or not enlisted in a militia. Three main differences between NPC corporations and Player corporations are that NPC corporations charge a flat tax rate of 11% (for amounts over 100000 ISK), you cannot be a war target and you cannot put up player-owned structures nor claim sovereignty in the name of an NPC Corporation.

A Player corporation opens up a wide array of opportunities within the EVE Universe for an enterprising pilot ranging anywhere from organized industry involving player-owned-structures to epic fleets battling it out over sovereignty in 0.0 space. If you have a desire, somewhere out there is a Player corporation to fulfill it.

Enlisting in a militia falls somewhere in-between an NPC and a Player corporation. A militia is an NPC corporation, but it charges no tax, as the pilot is fighting for the faction and paying his dues that way. Note that Player corporations can also be allied with a militia faction.

Why Join a Corporation

Why choose one corporation over another? As mentioned before, different corporations bring different benefits and opportunities within New Eden. Your pilot will always be in a corporation. By default, when not in anything else by choice, you will be in an NPC corporation related to your character's faction and specific bloodline. For example, Minmatar characters will belong to a Minmatar corporation - the Brutor to Brutor Tribe, Sebiestor to Sebiestor tribe, and so on. However, whether you remain in that NPC corporation or not will likely depend on where your interests lie at any given time. The most common advice other pilots offer on the subject of joining a corporation is to know what your interests are, look around at what corporations are out there and whey have to offer, and to ask other pilots about their experiences.

What Do You Want In a Corporation

In order to find a fit that is of interest to you, not only do you need to know what opportunities are out there, but more importantly you need to have some idea of what you want to experience.

Ask yourself:

  • am I interested in PvP, PvE, Faction Warfare, a mixture?
  • what career(s) will my pilot pursue?
  • do I want to be in a particular part of space (low sec, high sec, 0.0)?
  • is there a group of friends I want to hang out with?

Finding a Player Corporation

The best way to find a corporation that is recruiting is through the in-game recruitment tool. There you will be able to filter for advertising corporations that most closely match your gaming hours and activity.

Another option for finding a corporation that is recruiting new members is the forums. There you will find a section called the Corporation and Alliance Recruitment Center where you can look at detailed information on corporations that are actively recruiting.

If this is your first attempt at finding a player corporation, don't be discouraged from talking to people and searching for a good opportunity. Although many corporations are elite organizations (ones that require you to have a certain number of skillpoints to even apply), there is always a large number of corporations looking for new players to join them.

Joining a Player Corporation

If you want to join a specific corporation simply open an information panel on that specific corporation. A button at the bottom labelled "Apply to Join" should be visible. Clicking the button will take you to a new screen where you fill out the corporation application and then submit it for review.

When the application has been reviewed, you will receive an evemail stating that the corporation has either rejected your offer or that they have accepted it.

If the application has been accepted, you should now be part of the desired corporation and you can introduce yourself to your new colleagues. Each corporation has different preferences for communicating between members, so make sure to find out how to get setup and inserted into the action.

Joining Faction Warfare

A lone pilot or a corporation may join a militia in faction warfare. For further information on this specific type of PvP in New Eden see How To Join Factional Warfare.

You can use the search feature in the people and places to find a corporation. Click on the people and places tab on the left of the main screen. Near the top of the people and places dialog you will find a search type. Change the search type to corporation. Then use the search box to find a coporation. A dialog will pop up listing corporations that match your search. You can right click the corporation name and then show info. The Corporate Information box should show up. You can Apply to Join the corporation from this box. the home office will be listed in the top right next to the coporations full name.

In addition if you are in the station containing the home office, you can click the offices tab that shows up in the Station Information box. Scroll down to the corporation and click 'Apply to Join'

Starting a Corporation

Some pilots join to be with a particular group of friends, or may want to achieve something in particular on their own. In such a case, you may want to consider creating your own corporation.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • trial accounts cannot join faction warfare.
  • a pilot can only be in one corporation at any given time.
  • if you are already a member of a Player corporation, you must have removed all your roles and hangar rights at least 24 hours before you can quit the existing corporation and join a new corporation.

More Detailed Guide To Researching Corps

Guide To Well Run EVE Corps and Alliances

List of Training Corporations

A list of Training corporations that openly welcome new players can be found as a separate article. These corps offer a friendly environment for those who want to learn from experienced pilots. New pilots are encouraged to read the descriptions as each corporation is different and may have methods of teaching strange to new pliots.

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