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Sometimes you need to exchange items with another pilot without going through the market. Eg:

  • your trade alt has bought some modules on the market and needs to give them to your main
  • you need to exchange a bookmark with a friend



Create a contract for the item(s).

  • Select the item(s) in your hangar
  • right-click, Create contract.
Please note: Contracts cost 10,000 ISK each to create.

If there are many items, put them in a container and put the container in the contract. All pilots can create one contract without any skills. Futher contracts require the Contracting skill, allowing 4 additional contracts per level.

Corporation Hangar

If both pilots belong to the same Player corp, then the item(s) can be put in the common corp hangar. Does not apply to NPC corps.

Station Transfer

If both characters are logged in and docked at the same station:

  • select the "Guests" tab of the "Station Information" window
  • right-click on the pilot
  • select "Trade"

Container In Space

  • Bookmark a safespot.
  • Eject the item(s) at the safespot, either in a jetcan or a container.
  • Exchange the bookmark with the other pilot, so they can find the safespot and retrieve the items.

This procedure has several problems:

  • You still have to exchange the bookmark with the other pilot.
  • You can only exchange items that fit in your ship's Cargo Hold or Ship Maintenance Bay.
  • Safe spots are not completely safe. Objects in space can be scanned down in as little as 30 secs by a skilled pilot with the right gear.
  • Unanchored containers in space last only 2 hours, then they are destroyed, along with all their contents
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