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A wide variety of items in New Eden are possible thanks to modern technology.



Amazing as it may seem, a world as strange as New Eden is nonetheless full of regular people trying their best to lead ordinary, non-eventful lives. Said lives may not contain the excitement of large-scale fleet battles, POS conquests, missions against pirate factions or, well, mining...but then, we can't all be capsuleers. Nonetheless, technological advancements have made great leaps in improving the lives of the invisible masses.

Engineering and Industrial

New Eden is a complicated world, and runs on grime and cogwheels as much as any other. The various implementations of the latest in engineering theories are seen not merely in the construction of amazing orbital bodies, but also in increasingly efficient use of natural phenomena—asteroids, certainly, but also ice clusters, comet clouds and more.


It is an unfortunate consequence of politics and economics that New Eden's advances in medical science have not found their way to all corners of the cluster. These days, research and implementation is primarily focused on combat-related ventures, not merely related to capsuleers and interstellar combat, but also to modern ground-based warfare. After all, while ground troops get hurt all the time as a matter of course, interstellar combat operates by different rules: While there may certainly be a need for medical assistance onboard a ship, the likelihood of one sustaining an injury that requires medical intervention is in fact rather low. One either survives space combat, or one does not.

Interstellar Ship Tech

Interstellar vessels come in many shapes and sizes, and even two of the same type may take on entirely different guises depending on the technology they have been outfitted with. Ship technology—research, production and fitting—has long been a vast and productive field unto itself; even more so in recent times since New Eden's capsuleers started looking into it for murderous fun and profit.

Information and Entertainment

The implementation of information technology is extremely diverse in New Eden, though empire authorities have gone to great lengths to standardize it. The same variety applies to entertainment, which differs greatly between systems. In some places it may be culturally acceptable to down a glass of Chest Wound and loudly clear one's throat to dislodge whatever charred remains persist there, while elsewhere, saying a quiet prayer and having a glass of water might be considered the pinnacle of one's Saturday night.


New Eden's weaponry spans an amazing range from old, tried and tested rock-and-spear to advanced and highly complicated technological machinery. Its purpose, however, remains consistent throughout: To cause horrifying amounts of damage (sometimes in horrifying ways, too).

Personal Weapons

A personal weapon is a weapon that can be carried and employed by a single person, although its use may be restricted to specialist members of attack or defense teams. Some larger personal weapons may usually be operated by two man teams, an aimer and a loader.

Plasma weapons
Non-lethal weaponry

Other Military Technology


Transport is a major concern in a world as extensive as New Eden. While its systems are large enough that they can easily room capsuleers, commutes may still suffer from delays and complexities at the various chokepoints that must exist along each route: Station hangars, stargates, and other capsuleers with ECMs and far too much time on their hands.

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