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The Ishkur is a tech II, drone-based Gallente assault ship. It is widely regarded to be one of the best assault ships in the game due to its long range, versatility, high degree of survivability, and friendliness to solo PVPers.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Can effectively engage any target within its drone control range.
  • Can very effectively engage interceptors, especially when rail fit.
  • When blaster fit, does almost as much DPS as an Enyo without the Enyo's inability to do anything to any target not in blaster range, as well as having three midslots verses the Enyo's two.
  • Though not the fastest assault ship, when fit with a good tech II or cheap faction afterburner, it is fast enough to kite or close with other assault ships, and with an overheated afterburner can even catch some MWD'ing cruisers.
  • Tanks missile fire exceptionally well when fit with an afterburner.
  • Can engage NPCs effectively in a pvp fit, making it a solid choice as a Factional Warfare mission running or plex ship.
  • Agile enough to run through virtually any gatecamp in lowsec with good enough Spaceship Command and Evasive Maneuvering skills.


  • Requires very high drone skills to be truly effective.
  • Vulnerable to swarms of light drones.
  • Lacks tank to engage neutrals on gates.
  • Rail fits are very weak if forced to engage at close range and they can't open the distance. Blaster fits are forced to depend soley on drones if engaging at long range and may not be able to hold a fast target down long enough to score the kill.
  • Slow - usually has no real escape options once engaged.
  • Very unfriendly to MWD fits due to the Ishkur's need to maintain a low sig radius, especially if expecting to engage larger targets.
  • Has difficulty damaging other assault ships that are using explosive hardeners, unless it uses drones other than Warrior IIs, but other drone types are too slow to speed-tank frigate-sized short-range weapons, forcing the Ishkur to fit drone rigs and a nav computer if the pilot wants to use other drone types.

Fitting your Ishkur

See Ishkur (Fitting)

Recommended Minimum Skills

In addition to the required skills, the following skills are recommended as a minimum required to fly this Ishkur with a minimum degree of competency:

Name Meaning

Ishkur was the god of storms in Sumerian mythology, also known as "Adad".

Additional Images

Below are additional ships images. Click the image below for a larger version:

Ishkur Screenshot
Ishkur Screenshot
Ishkur Screenshot
Ishkur Screenshot

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