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The Interbus Ship Identification System, or ISIS, is a tech tree system to identify ships in EVE. It presents all ships in the game in a visual and interactive way and illustrates clearly the skill requirement progression path for unlocking ships while giving players the high level information they need to decide which faction, ship group and ship to progress towards. The tree is dynamic and shows which ship groups and ships you are training for and will give you a clear indication when new ships have been unlocked or your ability to use them effectively has changed.


Where will I be able to find ISIS?

When you have Rubicon up and running after November 19th 2013 you should look for the ISIS icon in the Neocom root.

You will also have a way to open up the ISIS through a button link at the bottom of all Show Info windows for ships. It will then open up the ISIS centered on the ship of the Show Info window you opened it from. New players will get the Faction of their selected character for the first time they open up the ISIS, but once you have selected a different faction and close the ISIS, the selected faction tree will persist next time you open it up.

Ship progression

When you open up the ISIS after having unlocked a new ship group, acquired a new skill that affects ship bonuses or reached a new Mastery level, you will get a highlight feedback on those areas that have changed. This draws the attention to the new and shiny things which you can now fly or fit in new ways.

Ship Mastery

Example of the Megathron Mastery at level 3

The mastery of a ship is a collection of all certificates of the same level that are assigned to a specific ship. These mastery levels are then shown for each ship in the ISIS so you can keep track of your mastery level for each ship in the game.

Info bubbles

Deciding what faction to progress within or what type of ship to fly or what variant within that type you want is something we have all thought of at some point. To assist players making those choices they receive high level information about each ship and associated abilities, so that drilling down to the exact ship you are looking for could be done in a more structural and conscious way.

Skills needed to unlock Ship Groups

The info bubbles will display the skills you still need before unlocking a ship group. Once you have unlocked it those skills will not be displayed in the info bubble and instead it will display the skills that affect bonuses of the ships in the group. This way you are getting contextual information without cluttering it with information that isn't relevant to you at each time. Of course if you still want to know what skills you have already trained to unlock the group, you can always open the Show Info.

Once you have unlocked a ship group the info bubble will focus on displaying the skills that affect bonuses for the ships in the group. It also gives you high level info about the main attributes and characteristics of the group using the high level icons.

Ship Info Bubbles

Each ship will have its own Info Bubble consisting of high level icons which represent the core roles of the ship as well as all bonuses for the ship. The icons serve the purpose of giving players a high level understanding for what role the ship is meant to fill, but of course there is never a single “right way” to use ships and this is primarily meant as a base guideline.

Pirate Factions

ISIS progression tree for Sansha ships

Pirate faction trees work a bit different from the 4 main factions as pirates are different. All pirate ships are engineered with technology from two of the main factions. Therefore each pirate ship group has a link to the relevant races. If the related ship group has been unlocked in the linked faction, the line will indicate it and the faction logo will be more visible. If it hasn't been unlocked however it will have a lower opacity. By clicking on the faction logo you can navigate to the linked faction and see your progression state in relation to the linked ship group. The linked ship group will pulse to give you a clear indication which group you are looking at. You will always be able to go quickly back to the previous viewed tree using the back button on your mouse, if you are so lucky to have one of those. The pirate ships all use skill bonuses tied to each of the two factions their ships derive their technology from and since they are both equally important we simply list both skill bars.

More information & Dev blogs

The Interbus Ship Identification System (ISIS) Dev-blog by CCP Arrow.

ISIS Rubicon feature page.

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