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Please note: Please note that the current information on Planetary Interaction - previously released in Tyrannis - as well as the improved or new features introduced in INCURSION is subject to change. New information may still be added or corrections made to the present material at a later time.

NEW Command Center Upgrades in INCURSION

INCURSION brings a significant change to the Command Center features, introduced with TYRANNIS. The intention with the change is mainly to simplify the initial deployment of your planetary facilities and make it easier for you to expand your colony and meet its need for increased power supply as its processes and manufacture chains become more complex.


Only 1 grade type of Command Center will be available on the market from now on. There are obvious benefits to this: Now you don't have to delete the existing structures in order to deploy the upgrades. Additionally, the planet type now automatically determines what's the right Command Center type for it. No need to select a Command Center type yourself according to the planet type.

Once you've trained the Command Center Upgrades skill to a higher level and decided that you want to expand your activities on a planet, you can simply access the Command Center menu to upgrade yours accordingly. Instead of drastic and extensive actions, all that's needed is to simply upgrade a Command Center that's already in place. Once it's done, you can add the structures you need to increase the yield of your colony's current processing, add a new processing line to it or add advanced facilities to the present chain.

The key element of the new design of Planetary Interaction features in Incursion is, to make things: More manageable and more modifiable for players. Deployment, processes, structure functions and linking have all been improved in terms of use (menus) and reliability (extractor cycles and output), as well as allowing players to apply more individualised settings for their processes and manufacture overall. This being more in line with what was originally intended with the introduction of Planetary Interaction in EVE Online, we believe it's a vast improvement to previously released features.


Apart from a new set of Command Center upgrades system, INCURSION will also see greatly improved as well as entirely new management menus for the extracting of planetary materials. Instead of the extractor introduced with TYRANNIS, you now have so called Extractor Heads which are linked to an Extractor Control Unit. The Control Unit's menu is easily manageable and allows for a more informative inspection of the extraction progress and modification.

Basically what it means is: You can now deploy up to 10 Extractor Heads to 1 Extractor Control Unit. Instead of having to define material type, quantity and amount of cycles for each and every extractor individually as before, you can now manage these factors through 1 single menu, the Extractor Control Unit.


In the Extractor Control Unit or ECU's menu you'll see:

   *  The number of Extractor Head Unit’s supported. Their status and the ability to drag and move them individually.
   * The extraction area size for the heads.
   * A program production chart that displays the extraction over time, along with the rate of output.
   * Scan buttons for each research type.
   * The current cycle status.
   * Install/Cancel program Button. 

And in addition to showing you the amount in units per hour or yield total, you know have a break down of cpu usage per extractor head and a flow chart, which reflects the gradual depletion of material during the currently selected extraction mode.

With a new and general control tool for your Planetary Interaction activities, you also have a more specialised tool by which to modify the extraction process. This is made possible through options provided for each Extractor Head individually.


The new ECU and Extractor Heads features are:

   * Can be moved independently within the control range of an ECU
   * Can be enabled or disabled up to a maximum of 10 per ECU
   * Each requires PG & CPU
   * Can have their area of effect size adjusted
   * Can interfere with other ECU if in a shared area of effect. This however at the cost of reduced efficiency overall. 

All in all, the new Extractor Control Unit menu along with the fine tuning mechanics of the individual Extractor Heads allow you to control extraction rates and material yield, and most importantly: Manage your time in doing so in a far more transparent and organisational manner than before.

Warning: Don't forget to click on the SUBMIT button, when initializing or modifying any type of Planetary Interaction activity, otherwise you risk not seeing it applied at all during the intended cycle. This applies to extraction, processes, manufacture chains and so on, so it's vital to remember this little detail, which can have big consequences in the long run!!

Planetary Interaction - Further articles and information

For further information on Planetary Interaction: Content, features, menus, management & organisation of colonies and their processes, we would like to refer you to the following articles and announcements to learn more:

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Please note: General disclaimer. The EVE Wiki contains articles on various subjects by a number of authors, both employees of CCP as well as members of the player community. Their intention is to provide information and guidelines for game play purposes. Referring to them as proof of issues or errors is not intended. We cannot guarantee that they're content will apply at all times. But we try. Remember: Your help in keeping them true and up to date is much appreciated! Please, keep us informed if you find errors or information prone to misunderstanding, so we can correct immediately. Thank you.
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