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With the release of Incursion, a new PVE feature will be introduced in EVE Online: Incursions. It's more than a plural form noun. What it means is: Trouble in EVE!

CCP Ytterbium's DevBlog - Look ma, no brakes!

For further details on the subject of INCURSIONS and what to expect, please visit |CCP Ytterbium's DevBlog : THE NATION STRIKES BACK and forget about brakes, 'cause the Sansha's Nation most certainly will !

Sansha's Nation strikes back

INCURSION in Journal NEW TAB GLOBAL REPORT & submenu.jpg

A new form of PVE piracy hits the EVE universe big time. The Sansha's Nation invades entire constellations all over the place at any given time, and what's more: There's no telling where they'll come down. Any constellation may be affected by their powerful impact, leaving no system safe - be it in 0.0, low or high security systems, all may succumb to their wrath.

What counts now, is to organise forces at key strongholds they establish in conquered constellations, in order to help CONCORD and the local police factions regain their footing. But you better keep in mind, that it will take considerable time and effort to gain ground on them, and you may have to face some severe losses and constant reorganising until you've freed your constellation from the oppression of the Sansha's Nation. - Unless of course, you regard the information to your right as the normal state of things = >

Incursions - Why Fight Them?

We Want YOU!

If you feel up to it, you can join the resistance against a threat that's coming your way. Once the Sansha's Nation seize power near you, systemwide effects will take place throughout the entire constellation: They'll impose a new tax system and affect your actions in ways, which can only be deemed as oppressive and spiteful. You will want to cast off their yoke soon enough and for good, and we're recruiting someone to do it. For the right prize!

How to find us - Join the fight against Sansha's Nation

You can locate Incursions in the Map menu or your Journal. The new INCURSIONS menu in your Journal offers details on:


  • Where to find invaded constellations or INCURSIONS
  • How to communicate with fellow resistance fighters
  • The right size of the fleet you need to join
  • What you receive once your fleet's won the battle - immediately
  • What you receive once you've won the war - when the constellation's been alleviated from its Incursion

When you've located vanquished constellations and set your mind to it, set your autopilot accordingly. At destination you can join a special Incursions chat channel to organise the fight against the Sansha's Nation. Once there, the battlegrounds in each system are publicly visible in the Overview beside the normal NPC dungeon's icon, so you can't miss them. We believe that with good organisation, the right numbers and mindframe, as well as a strong spirit for freedom - as well as our generous pay, will prove your fleet victorious in the long run. But remember: We don't want to induce you into thinking, there's no risk involved...

The Prize we pay

And we pay well! There's no catch ... No, really!

There definitely is. These are not the Sansha's Nation pirates you may be used to. They're bigger, better and they're organised! But fighting them the right way, at the right place will be rewarding, possibly yielding the best pay you've received so far in PVE combat.

What's in for you? Well let's see

Apart from a bag full of ISK and a large one at that, don't forget that you're helping the law. CONCORD knows how to show their gratitude to players, who've joined in the recapture, system by system, till the entire constellation's been freed of the Sansha's oppression.

CONCORD LP's will be rewarded to the most prolific player fleet, in the campaign against the alien conquest. Yes, the entire player fleet, provided it's got the right amount of members and they did fight good!

Hint: Concord LP's can be used in the new LP Store as payment for CONCORD faction modules! Or you can exchange them in return for any type of LP's you need

You'll find fighting the Sansha's solo hard if not impossible. More than that: You gain no advantages fighting the Sansha's pirates on your own. On the contrary You risk losing the entire reward, ISK and LP's. Organisation is the key, and organising the right size and type of fleet is optimal.

You will find all details regarding fleet size, pay, LP's and constellations occupied by the Sansha's Nation, in the new Incursions menu of your Journal.

Please note: Reconquering a system means pay out to the top contributing fleet, provided it contains the right amount of members. After recovery of each system, the ISK reward is paid out to the winning fleet. CONCORD LP's enter in a pool which is not paid out to Incursion fighters, until the entire constellation has been recovered from the Sansha's Nation. Furthermore, the top contributing individual pilot of a fleet fighting the Incursion, will receive a 20% bonus LP's payout!

And the Price you may have to pay

The Risk in fighting the Sansha's nation

The impact on the individual pilot. Under occupation of the Sansha's nation, entire constellations will be affected by their rule in a systemwide way. Once that happens, paying tax from your mission rewards will be the least of your worries; that only starts when you notice a change in your ship's capabilities, both offensive and defensive. You'll find them reduced.

The impact on the fleet. An organised group of players fighting back is a key element to success. With the right amount of players, joined by a well coordinated fleet, where each member is assigned specific roles and their leader keeps them focused on winning the battle and ultimately a war, nothing can go wrong. By the way, you can always use a covert ops cyno field to take the enemy by surprise, because the cynosural field generators won't work. Jump bridges will be disabled by the systemwide influence of the Sansha's electronic warfare tools in much the same way as cynosural jammers are working at present.

The impact of the Sansha's up close. The Sansha's Nation pirates you'll encounter as conquerors, may differ considerably from what you've been used to so far. Apart from the systemwide effects they'll impose by their superior electronic warfare technology, there's one detail which separates them from their predecessors - and most NPC's: They can think.

The Sansha's Nation in Incursion is equipped with an AI similar to that of the Sleepers in Wormholes. Only better, much better, do NOT venture into the battlegrounds solo, Han(s)! They will react intelligently to your presence. They'll switch targets, they'll use all kinds of electronic warfare tools in the book, they'll be fleeted and receive leadership bonuses accordingly. All in all they'll pose a threat, greater than that you're facing in most PvP combat situations. Did we mention that we pay well!?

First you win the battle, then the war

Reconquering a constellation varies from one system to the next, depending on whether it's a Staging (or Scouting) system, a Vanguard, an Assault or the very Headquarters system of the Sansha's hierarchy.


The influence on your ship as well as the competence of the Sansha's you're up against gradually increases, the higher up the hierarchy - and the closer to freeing the constellation you come - until all systems have been reconquered, apart from the Headquarters. The new system's state indicator, the '"INCURSION PROFILE, will reflect the change of state accordingly.

Once you reach this point, the Sansha's Nation boss spawns in a Headquarter system. Winning this final battle will mark the reconquest of the constellation and a payout of the final rewards: Concord LP's, as well as standings increase and other bonus payments (as mentioned in the above, see also picture).

What you have to keep in mind

Apart from restrictions to the member count of a fleet partaking in the reconquest of systems or a constellation, ship size restrictions may apply for certain systems and dungeons. These may be implemented at a later point though and will be introduced later.

Furthermore, cashing in your CONCORD LP's in exchange for LP's at any other NPC faction station of your choice is non-reversible, once the transactions made, and exchange must be made at the preferred corporation's station only.

CONCORD LP's cannot be exchanged for LP's from any of the FW militia corporation LP's nor 0.0 pirate factions LP's.

Reference material

  • The Ditanian Fleet incursion chat channel is hosting its own personal website with detailed information on fighting incursions in armor fleets: The Ditanian Fleet

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