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The ingame browser

How does the ingame browser work?

You can now browse the internet while navigating through space. The in game web browser is capable of using all URLs starting with http:// and https:// which means that the majority of web sites can be viewed. However, plugins will not run within EVE’s in-game browser which means that various multimedia platforms, such as Flash, are not supported. Also, the EVE in-game browser does not support file downloads.

You can use the browser to view various game related information such as the EVE online forums, news, dev blog, patch notes, new player guides, the support site and, last but not least, sites submitted by other players and corporations. Furthermore, increased game related functionality is being added to trigger ingame functions with websites through the browser, including displaying EVE starmaps and hooks to display game information on locations and items.

• The browser currently supports HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0, all CSS versions through 3. There's also a prototype support for HTML5

• It supports Javascript.

Development Documentation

CCP's official documentation of the current in-game browser may be found under: Category:In-game_Browser

Also, various developer guides do exist. The most popular and up-to-date is available on the wiki.

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