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Information in this article is outdated. Someone found the information in this article to be outdated and overroled by more recent events. Please help improving EVElopedia and correct it right now ! Other articles needing updated details

There is no alternate way of patching anymore the link at the bottom of the page links to a forum post that is no longer maintained as we do no longer offer individual patch files.

There are several ways to bring your EVE Online client up to the correct version to connect to the Tranquility server. This article should introduce these methods and provide other helpful tips on how to get through patch days.

The Launcher

Applicable to both Windows and Mac OS X. The EVE Online Launcher is the default way to make sure that your client is up to date. Upon startup, it will check your installation and download any missing or changed files as needed. Once this has completed, the "Play" button will become available and you can start the game.

If you have several clients to patch, you can export the current patch file through the "Export current Patch" option within the "Patch" tab of the launcher settings that can be opened by clicking the tool-icon in the upper right corner of the launcher. Importing the patch file on the unpatched clients can be done in the same place.

Repair Tool

This method is only applicable to Windows operating systems. Should the launcher not be able to patch the game to the correct version for any reason, you can also attempt to use the repair tool in order to try and get the client up to date and into the correct state to connect to the Tranquility server. The repair tool can be started through the "Start" button within the "EVE Client Settings" tab of the launcher settings. Should the launcher be unavailable, you can also start the repair tool directly by double clicking the "repair.exe" that can be found within the client installation folder.


We recommend to clear the client side cache before logging into the game for the first time after a patch, instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please also refer to our Patch Day Survival Guide for more ways to gather information as well as potential known issues about a patch.

For issues with the launcher itself, please refer to the following article on our EVElopedia: EVE Launcher Issues and Workarounds

Should every other patching method fail, please check out the following forum thread for further instructions and download links in order to manually patch the client to the latest version: Alternative way of patching

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