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Joining or Leaving Factional Warfare

How do I enlist for Factional Warfare and how do I retire from it?

How do I enlist for factional warfare? There are two ways you can enlist for factional warfare. You can enlist either as an individual or as a member of a corporation that enlists as a whole for their faction of choice. Factional warfare is strictly optional and no pilot will have to participate in it against their own free will.

There are a few stipulations that all pilots considering the option to enlist need to keep in mind before signing up.

  1. You will be at war with your chosen faction’s enemy faction militia. Pilots enlisted into the enemy faction will be able to open fire on you without CONCORD interference.
  2. Entering the high security systems (0.5+) of the opposing faction will cause the navies of that faction to attack you.
  3. Any entity, pilot, or corporation is required to have and maintain a standing of 0.0 or higher with the faction they intend to enlist for, and to retain that standing in order to remain enlisted. Note that social skills are not taken into account for this requirement, only the raw unmodified standing counts.

Where do I enlist?

You can enlist at any station belonging to your chosen faction that is located within their sovereign space. Note that any system listed as sovereign to the Khanid Kingdom or the Ammatar Mandate are not directly under the control of the Amarr Empire and you can not enlist for their militia corporation there.

Enlisting as an individual

Only pilots on a regular paying account can enlist, pilots still on trial accounts will be unable to do so. The pilot must also not be enlisted with another militia. If the pilot is joining from a player corporation, then the pilot may not have any roles or grantable roles in order to be able to leave his or her former corporation instantly. It will otherwise take 24 hours until the pilot becomes enlisted as roles are removed from the pilot. Pilots enlisting individually will be removed from their current corporations into the militia corporation of the faction they are enlisting for.

The available militia corporations are:

Enlisting a corporation

Only the CEO or director a corporation can enlist it for factional warfare for their faction of choice. The corporation itself may not be a member of an alliance or have an active application to any alliance at the time when it is being enlisted. The corporation will be moved into the faction they are enlisting for the next downtime after it was enlisted, if it was a member of an alliance it will take extra 24 hours before the corporation will be considered enlisted.

Joining a militia with a newly created corporation

NPC standings towards a player corporation are calculated from the average of all members' individual standings, though only members that are in the player corporation for more than seven (7) days are included in this calculation. This means a new corporation will have to wait for 7 days from its initial creation before being able to join a militia.

Corporation faction standings are updated correctly during downtime on the 7th day.


How do I leave the faction militia forces?

You can either retire willingly from service or you can end up being discharged from service against your will. This applies to both individuals and corporations.

Retiring as an individual.

To willingly retire from service, the pilot will need to press the retire button available to him or her through the same interface you enlisted through. This will happen instantly. If the pilot is a member of an enlisted corporation then he or she will have to leave the corporation normally to retire from service. This means that if the pilot has roles or grantable roles in the corporation it will take him or her at least 24 hours to retire.

If a pilot’s standings with the faction he or she have enlisted with drop below 0.0 for any reason he or she will receive an EVE mail notification to raise their standings during the next downtime. If the pilot’s standings are not up to par again the downtime after receiving this message they will be immediately expelled from their militia.

Retiring a corporation.

The CEO or a director of an enlisted corporation can retire the entire corporation by pressing the retire corporation button available to them through the same interface they enlisted through. The change in the corporation’s status will go through the downtime following this action. Before the downtime, the CEO or any director can cancel the command to retire to remain enlisted by pressing the cancel retirement button.

If a corporation’s faction standings with the faction they have enlisted with drop below 0.0 for any reason a warning mail will be sent to the corporation mailbox during the next downtime. If the corporation standings with the faction does not improve above the minimum before the next downtime after this message the corporation will be instantly expelled from enlisted status.

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