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Ground technology is any device intended for use on a celestial surface.

The alteration of planetary and moon surfaces is one of the most fascinating and, it has to be said, daunting scientific projects that may be undertaken, and that is in a world which has managed to create the Titans. Certain planets in New Eden are already habitable, certainly, but as populations rise and empires expand their areas of dominance - hungry for new resources - it always, eventually, becomes necessary to turn the collective eyes on new pieces of land and turn the collective mind to how they may be crushed, mashed and molded into something useful to humanity.

Construction on top of those surfaces is, naturally, a lesser task, in the manner that constructing a frigate is certainly a lesser task than constructing a battlecruiser.


Terraforming and Nature

The alteration of raw earth is at one and the same time the oldest human activity (though a few of the more Dionysian Gallente may disagree) and the most difficult and all-encompassing. It is what we have done since we existed, on any world and in any cluster.

Planetary Buildings and Constructions

The creation of buildings and other constructs marked the first tiny steps we took toward separating ourselves from the earth that bore us, and reaching closer to the skies instead. As the four empires bear witness to, we have achieved some success in this area.

Moon Mining and Alteration

Moons are beautiful from afar, but desolate, dangerous, melancholy places when seen close up. Which may go some way to explain why we feel the need to tear them up and set explosives in their innards.

  • A DOMU is necessary wherever asteroid innards need to be churned.

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