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Graphics problems

What affects my graphics performance and what can I do to solve it.

There are many things that can cause graphical problems as well as graphical anomalies. To start with I recommend you go through the FPS_Guide to see if there's anything there that can help you with your problem.
This list is in no way a complete list of suggestions, there is always the random odd case that crops up from time to time.
The cause can also be due to a bug within the EVE Online Client itself, in those cases a Bug report would be extremely helpful for our bug hunters and developers to receive in order to trace down the cause of the issue. The more reports received from various computer setups and hardware the better.

What causes graphics problems

The cause of graphics problems can be a few

  • Outdated or corrupt drivers
  • Outdated or corrupt DirectX
  • Graphics card is overheating due to fan failure or dust has collected in the fans causing it not being cooled well enough
  • Third party applications who require heavy use of the graphics card can lower frame rate as well as cause graphical anomalies.
  • Corrupt texture files within the client.
    • This can in some cases be due to bad sectors on a harddrive

What can I do to try solve the issue

  • Update your graphics card drivers
  • If you use WindowsXP make sure you have the latest updated version of DirectX installed
    • You can download the latest full version of DirectX here
  • Close down all other programs, including those in your task bar/notification area.
  • Microsoft have a free application that might be able to help, it's called Fix It it can diagnose a variety of problems on Windows.
  • Run the Repair tool to check the integrity of the EVE client.

Graphic card specific suggestions


  • Try disabling the Catalyst AI.
  • Make sure that MipMap Detail under the Gaming category in the Catalyst Control center is set to Quality instead of Performance.
    • On Performance all textures look rather ugly.
  • In the Catalyst Control Center
    • Go to the Gaming section, there select "3D Application Settings"
      • Press the "Defaults" button at the bottom


  • Check if the EVE profile in nVidia Control Panel has been meddled with.
  • Reset all settings in the nVidia Control Panel to their default values.

What to suggest in regards of ingame graphical settings

  • Start with clearing your cache, if there are graphical anomalies appearing corrupt cache can be one of the reasons,
  • If clearing the cache does not work, clear the settings files, if the settings files are corrupt they can result in graphical problems as well.
    • If neither works, change the Optimized setting to Performance.
      • If this helps, then the gradually increase the graphics settings bit by bit until the cause of it can be found.

What third party tools to use in order to diagnose problems

  • 3DMark is a good application to benchmark your graphics card as well as to find out if the problem is with the graphics card or something else.
    • Alternatives to Futuremark can be found here
  • If the problem is not with the graphics card then you might need to use Prime95 to test the CPU, memtest86 to test memory ( everything under 4Gb ) or simply use the [memory tester application] built into Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • In some cases corrupt texture files have been the cause of these problems, a complete re-installation of the EVE client is required in most cases to fix those. Using the Repair tool can also help.
    • This problem could be caused in rare cases by corrupt sectors on the customers harddrive, running the Windows Error Checking utility on the harddrive should report any such findings.

What third party tools affect graphics cards and their performance

  • Having graphically intensive programs running at the same time as EVE can cause problems.
    • These programs can be ( to name a few )
      • Other games
      • Image manipulation programs such as Photoshop or Gimp.
      • 3DRendering programs such as Maya, Blender, 3D Studio Max.
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