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EVE Online's Settings Menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key.

Settings can be changed for


Display and Graphics

Change Window size, graphics card Used, Camera position, UI scaling size, Graphics quality and effects rendered.

Apply must be pressed to activate changes.

Audio and Chat

Change the audio level of effects and music.

Change your EVE voice settings and the defaults for chat channels and dueling.

General Settings

Window has options listed for Into Movie repeat, context text size, In game windows, Crash reports, Station services, targets, radial menu, and lay out color.

Keyboard Controls

Shortcuts can be created for Windows, Combat, General, Navigation, Modules, Movement, Drones and Character Creator.

Reset settings

Some time clearing bugs requires a reset of cache or other settings. This can be done here.


Pick your language:English, Russian, German, Japanese, and soon French.

About EVE

All your favorite Developers are listed plus all the legal stuff.

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