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A melting pot of people and a showcase of human nature, the Gallente Federation is host to more variety among the lives of its denizens than any other empire in the cluster. Anything goes here, and everything is up for grabs - though not without consequence. The Federation has no limits to how high you may climb, or how far you may fall.

The malleability of life means that every possible state of existence is maintained somewhere in the Federation. Scientists, driven by the need for improving their lives and the lives of everyone around them, make amazing discoveries every day. Entertainers, driven on by wealth and the adoration of crowds, strive to break through and achieve the fame they so crave, or, even better, the notoriety they believe they deserve.

And people in the gutters, driven there by some unrelenting darkness that the Federation does nothing to dispel, are free to stay there as long as they like, too. Personal responsibility in the Federation does not automatically imply it bears responsibility for the personal.


Notable Individuals

The Federation has people of renown from all facets of life. They can not be as cleanly categorized as those in the more stratified societies, nor do they have the social cohesion or clarity of vision that shapes lives in other empires. What they do have is willpower, drive, and visions unique to each individual. Broadly speaking, this has translated into the various general aspects of life that people tend to want to pursue. Some want organization, others a life of exploration, discovery, or fun, and a few will never be happy without domination and bloodshed.

Administration and Government

The Federation tries to keep a light touch on people's lives. Of course, in practice this has proved somewhat problematic, as the freedom to do anything obviously involves the freedom to attempt oppression of other groups in society. This has proven particularly true in recent times, which have seen the Gallente Federation turn from its past tendencies of indirect economic dominance of other races and empires, toward a more sinister combination of outward warfare and inward sensitivity and paranoia.

The President

The Gallente president is Jacus Roden, elected in December YC 111. Roden is known as a wily and hard-working individual whose administrative manner is far more harsh than that of his more diplomatic predecessor.

Administration, or The Three Arms

The three arms of government are Legislative, Executive and Judicial, which respectively contain the Federal Senate, the President and his or her administration, and the Supreme Court. These entities wield great power over the Federation, though it must be said that even at this, the highest level of government, appearance may sometimes matter just as much as actual power.

Deceased Former Members of Administration

The Corporate World

Corporations in the Federation don't have quite the same link between administration and culture as may be found in their rival State, but they're certainly more powerful and enjoy much more independence than they would in a more rigid Empire.

Expired Corporate Members

Entertainment and culture

To the Gallente, everything is entertainment, and a surprising number of things are considered culture. This includes not only the usual visual and auditory arts, but everything from bodymodding to recreational drug use. Scandals are, of course, prime and juicy candidates as well.

Lost Lights

  • Amelia Piroette, a famous folksinger and activist.
  • Fouel, one of the great thinkers of the Gallente.
  • Geremande, another great thinker of the Gallente.

Science and Warfare

Gallente warfare relies heavily on indirect techniques, to the point where a good deal of their conquests and assimilations have been economic rather than violent in nature. When it comes to classic warfare, they retain the same approach, which means they have through the centuries proved remarkably original at creating all sort of support and assisting technology. The best known example of this approach is interstellar drones, a perfect example of Gallente ingenuity and avoidance of direct combat.

Soldiers and Scientists Lost in the Field


  • "Calm", the more reserved of Sebastian's anonymous interrogators
  • "Carlos", the most sympathetic of Sebastian's anonymous interrogators
  • "Crazy", the most alarming of Sebastian's anonymous interrogators
  • Braea, Gerets's troubled fiancée
  • Jeb, a not-especially-noteworthy working man.
  • Keeler, a Gallente boy who harbored a murderer
  • Sebastian, a particularly unlucky drug dealer

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