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ISD Athechu > Thank you everyone for coming to our ISD Seminar. This Seminar we have several special guests here today. GM Grave, GM Haggis, GM Ocelot, and GM Pyro.
ISD Athechu > I would like to remind everyone if you have questions to please join our Seminar Q&A Channel.
GM Grave > <3
GM Haggis > Good evening everyone o/
GM Pyro > yo
GM Ocelot > *Waves*
ISD Tipene > I think to start us off if you could quickly explain what you do in the GM department and what areas of expertese that you each have?
GM Pyro > well, tough question. I specialize in general gameplay, which covers just about everything ingame. I don't really handle billing-type petitions.
GM Haggis > I work mostly on the technical side of the petition queue - Installation woes and connection issues mostly, though I do deal with a lot of gameplay and reimbursement petitions as well.
GM Grave > I’m one of our senior GM’s, so essentially I’m expected to handle any English language petition on any subject, so I spend my time handling advanced or escalated petitions,
GM Grave > and I’m spending a lot of my time in our Law & Order division, where we’re involved in handling RMT, botting and general evil doers.
GM Grave > However like many of us I spend quite a lot of time working with other departments in the company, on anything from video scripts to public wikis on new features.
ISD Tipene > So I take it there a lot cross support in the GM department or do you tend to stick to your own areas?
GM Haggis > Yes absolutely, we are encouraged to help where we see the queue is building, for example after a patch there is usually a lot more action in the "technical" side or during a power of two campaign the "billing" side can get busy
GM Pyro > We help each other out quite a bit, an example would be that I might not know a whole lot about PI (planetary Interaction), yet I can ask someone like GM Grave who I happen to know knows a bit more about that particular subject for a bit of assistance
GM Ocelot > Lianne: While it is possible to play the game without getting involved with player corporations and alliances it's not recommended. You will have a much better time playing with a group of people like close friends.
ISD Tipene > One question we're getting a lot in the q&a channel is rouchly how many petitions you deal with on a day to day basis. if you are allowed to say how many would you be looking at?
GM Grave > Today I have sent 13 replies, as I'm working on a few projects, but depending on the work a GM could send one reply an hour or 20.
GM Pyro > It really can depend on what the individual issues are within each petition and what other projects we might be working with, some days I might answer 50 petitions, other days I can get to around 200. The average though is generally about 80 replies in
ISD Tipene > How much of a range is there from a normal day, to a big patch day would you say?
GM Haggis > It can very wildly, for example dealing with mission resets takes all of a minute so you can crank through them in no time. If you pull a nasty pos case it can take anywhere up to a couple of hours to fix.
GM Ocelot > I forgot to introduce my self. I'm GM Ocelot and I've been a GM since 2007 and have been playing the game since 2004. Yes we GM's start off as newbies just like everyone else :)
GM Grave > While getting through our queue is important, and some cases are easier than others, there is generally less pressure on replies her hour, than there is for quality work, which is reflected by our auditing procedures.
GM Pyro > On a big patch day, we try to go through and crunch down as much as possible to help as many people as possible quickly
GM Haggis > Patch days are fine. The day AFTER patch day can be horrible.
GM Grave > For Mr Haggis, our technical GM.
ISD Athechu > Synapse Hartfiel asks can we get updates on botters ?
GM Grave > Expect to hear more at FanFest next week, for those who can’t attend, you’ll be able to catch it on youtube soon after.
ISD Tipene > Remember to get your questions in join the "seminar q&a" channel
ISD Athechu > Andski asks Why are petition categories so ambiguous? There are at least three categories which cover rule violations.
GM Grave > Funny you should mention that, expect a blog shortly.
GM Grave > But this should be changing soon.
ISD Tipene > ghan cosmo wants to know why eve tends to freeze when a petition is sent, is it doing something in the background?
GM Haggis > The petition system is kind of old and is one of the features looking at getting an overhaul in the near future, I believe mostly the pause is just caused by this.
ISD Athechu > Chribba asks Important question, what's a GM's favorite drink and you can't say Quafe
GM Haggis > Diet Quafe
GM Pyro > Quafe Ultra
GM Pyro > regular quafe is too bland
GM Grave > Vitoc was nice at FanFest...
GM Grave > It came in a test tube, that means its good...
ISD Tipene > Xion mecius wants to know do you have any plans to have a GM fleet to take down the Dev fleet if they roam again and who would win in a fight? :)
GM Grave > So we were asked earlier to comment on some “funny” petitions, and as much as I’d like to, we can’t share that with you…
GM Haggis > I am a fan of many of the drinks sold by our lovely bartenders at the FanFest venue, feel free to buy me any of them
GM Grave > So we were asked earlier to comment on some “funny” petitions, and as much as I’d like to, we can’t share that with you…
GM Grave > ctrl + v ahem
GM Pyro > We haven't done anything quite like that, though we have joined in on the dev fleets around christmas
GM Grave > But I have no qualms in saying that some of our funniest petitions come from CCP staff, when after traveling 20 jumps
GM Grave > they may get in touch to ask why their mission won’t complete, and we have to point out that they forgot to drag the cargo into their ship before they left…
GM Haggis > Many of the members in the CCP fleet were GMs, it was lots of fun :)
GM Grave > I know we've all done it before as players, but when staff do it, facepalm.
ISD Athechu > Eutheos Maethar asks have any of the GMs worked for some other MMO before their arrival to eve? could they compare the two?
GM Ocelot > That answers obivous. The GM Fleet!
GM Pyro > I haven't, though I know some have worked for other companies in the past
GM Grave > EVE is the only MMO i'd played (and liked). True story...
GM Haggis > This is my first job for a game studio and comparing it to previous jobs is not possible. I love it here :)
GM Pyro > ditto
ISD Tipene > Morag Ondr wants to know if you guys use a general purpose ticket tool, or an in house one?
GM Haggis > You should come try it out :
GM Pyro > our petition system is a custom in-house designed system
GM Grave > In house :)
GM Pyro > at one point many years ago we had a horrible system, but that was before I started
GM Ocelot > CCP is the only game company I have worked for so far. As for playing other MMO's I've played one other before coming to EVE.
ISD Tipene > About Eve Kenji Yazria wants to know what your favourite in game moments were?
GM Pyro > Honestly, it was when I lost my first prowler....I consider myself very good at getting through gate camps and was really impressed that they caught me
GM Pyro > note: this was before the prower could warp cloaked
GM Haggis > PVP. Anything regarding PVP. I've been in fleets that have taken out titans and roaming solo getting blobbed and every encounter STILL gets my heart racing.
GM Ocelot > The first time ran a 6/10 complex by myself. It was tons fun though it took forever :(
GM Grave > I spent 6 months training for and buying a Raven back in castor, fit it with dual MWD and give bombed an enemy fleet outnumbered 8-1,
GM Grave > but I forgot to pull up in time and managed to punch through with 104 structure… my heart was beating through my chest.
GM Haggis > Multi-prop mod battleships o7
GM Haggis > Nevar forget
ISD Athechu > Morag Ondr asks gm's have on call duty..or just regular hours?
GM Haggis > The queue is monitored 24/7 (yes even during downtime) and this means a lot of shift work
GM Pyro > Well, we generally work in shifts, though when something very big comes up, we can pick up the bat phone and call someone higher up the chain
GM Grave > 24/7 shifts, with OT & bonuses where applicable. We can work a lot of OT when required.
ISD Tipene > Eutheos Maethar wants to know as a rookie pilot, do new pilots generate the most petitions? Or would you say it's spread evenly over the population?
GM Grave > New pilots often can't find the button to do so, but we're working on that.
GM Grave > But they do file the cutest petitions, when they ask how to pause the game.
GM Haggis > Its a very even spead, the help and rookie help channels are good places to get advice so a lot of the newer players can get wha they need from them
GM Pyro > I'd say it is definitely spread across the population, we try to handle rookie pilot petitions quickly though as usually they are asking gameplay related questions vs having something actually broken
GM Haggis > And even players how have been in from the start screw up sometimes
GM Haggis > Who*
ISD Athechu > Eutheos Maethar asks are GMs allowed to lead large corporations? influence the game as both GMs and serious eve in-game politicians/spies/marketeers, etc?
GM Pyro > simply put, no....
GM Ocelot > no
GM Grave > We have a fair play policy, in that we can't be the bad guys and scam people, but we can run corps if we so choose.
GM Haggis > Gms are allowed to play the game the same as anyone else but we cannot be in a position of power or influence as that would be a conflict of interest and affect our professional lives too much
GM Pyro > just nothing huge
ISD Tipene > A general question that seems to float about is what kind of experience does it take to GM, and do you think there will be any new recruitment in the future for your departments?
GM Haggis > Yeh its the difference between "leading a 5 man corp" and "leaving a 5K man alliance"
GM Pyro > Actually, we have a few GM Positions open right now that were recently posted on facebook by CCP Manifest
GM Grave > Contrary to popular belief, many of the GM’s have a ton of degrees and professional experience. I don’t have any degrees myself, but I have 13 years’ experience in working with the public, and considered myself pretty dam good at EVE :)
GM Pyro > As for experience, bug things are language skills and customer support backgrounds.
GM Pyro > Having lots of EVE knowledge is always a plus too
GM Grave > However I'm sitting beside a GM, who got hired by helping us out during FanFest and made a good impression.
GM Haggis > Honestly, my qualifications before getting this job were "knows computers" and "played EVE for 8 years". I know there are lots of GMs here who have degrees and such but honestly I just had a massive desire to work here and kept sending in Resumes
ISD Tipene > Do you get a lot of on the job training or are you thrown into the deep end?
GM Grave > Both!
GM Pyro > definitely both
GM Pyro > though I'm currently the trainer for the Atlanta office
GM Pyro > and working to improve our training methods here
GM Haggis > Yeh, its weird seeing the game from "behind the curtain" and I needed a lot of help getting perspective when coming here
GM Haggis > Lots and lots of people around the office to ask help from
GM Grave > How to read the logs 101.
GM Ocelot > I agree that you get both
GM Ocelot > Though some say you have to run before you can walk
GM Grave > I moonwalk.
GM Pyro > just keep swimming, just keep swimming
ISD Athechu > Morag Ondr asks so..any GM's work from home?
GM Pyro > while we do have a few, it is not a common thing and generally for someone that wants to advance themself further by going to school after having been at one of the offices for a while
GM Haggis > There are a very small number of remote GMs, however they have all worked from one of the offices before and moved due to circumstance I believe
GM Pyro > Ocelot is an example of such
GM Ocelot > Yep I'm working from home while I go to school
GM Grave > As a non Icelander working in Reykjavik, I go home for Christmas and find myself working remotely. However for the most part everyone works in an office, and those working at home, used to work in the office and went to school.
ISD Tipene > Remember join the Seminar Q&A Channel for questions
ISD Tipene > Eutheos Maethar who is asking lots of questions :) wants to know if you have much of a hand in develpment and if you have a favourite or most looked forward too feature
GM Pyro > We do have a small hand in development, especially when it comes to bug fixes as that kind of thing causes additional load on GM's, so we like to get those pushed out fast
ISD Athechu > Kruznik asks what policys are in place to prevent GMs to favor a certain player or corperation or a group, is theri logs closly watched and monitored or simply by trust of theri good nature?
GM Grave > CS are becoming increasingly involved in development, as we’re often in the front lines working with our customers every day and can spot things that need fixing. Professionally, I want to see starbases re-worked, personally I want more ways to kill in
GM Haggis > We are monitored SO closely, IA watches all our in game actions and there are regular audits of our petition replies and actions on player accounts
GM Pyro > as well as our player accounts
GM Haggis > Also due to past affiliations I will, for example, pass on any petitions I get from my old corp or alliance mates, and this is a rule for any GM with friends in game
GM Pyro > You can always contact the internal affairs department if you feel that any employee has abused their position within the company
GM Grave >
GM Pyro >
GM Ocelot > Yep and action is taken against the employee/GM should anything be found.
GM Pyro > though obviously what action would not be disclosed publicly
GM Grave > I have a question! What colour underwear are the GM's wearing?
ISD Tipene > A while ago you mentioned that your time is split between petitions and other projects. Are you able to expand on what kind of projects they are?
GM Haggis > Navy blue
GM Pyro > what's underwear?
ISD Tipene > After we find out about the underwear of course
GM Ocelot > It's what you wear under your pants Pyro :D
GM Pyro > that would be skin then
GM Haggis > We get involved in all sorts, currently a big one is revamping our tools so the log show a different color of nothing that they did before. I know several GMs are heavily involved in some features for Inferno as well.
GM Grave > Some of us are working on passing along information to development on known issues and requesting game fixes. Others are working on building a support structure for Dust, while some of us are involved in training and internal policies.
GM Pyro > another project would be even this right here, coming ingame to talk to you fine folks
ISD Athechu > Xion Mercius asks Question: Do GM's monitor server node stress for large fleet fights to see if it needs support?
GM Ocelot > Yes we do
GM Grave > We do indeed, 24/7, and we have a bat phone to grab our operations team.
GM Pyro > we do watch server health for such events like that, though that's why we have the bat phone, to call important people if necessary
GM Haggis > We have several automated tools that do this and warn us when things are getting hairy, and we can contact the ops team 24/7 if one of these starts going haywire.
GM Grave > nananananananananannaanan bat mannnn
GM Grave > sorry...
ISD Athechu > Xion would like you to also expand at all as to how you would react to such an occurance.
GM Grave > Panic?
GM Ocelot > Though that doesn't mean that we always catch it before it's to late. That is why we have the fleet battle notification system which you can use to let us know ahead of time when a battle is going to happen so that we can get our server admins to -cont
GM Haggis > Whip the hamsters harder
GM Ocelot > to make changes so that you can get the best possible performance for your fleet battle
GM Pyro > action is really a case by case thing on what needs to be done
GM Pyro > the first step is picking up the bat phone to call the operations team to get feedback from them
ISD Tipene > Sticky Hamster wants to know, is CCP really that great a place to work for, or are you all just forced to say that? :)
GM Pyro > I love it
GM Pyro > I can't imagine working for a better company
GM Ocelot > CCP is awesome man :D
GM Grave > We get free lunch, and free beer at leats once a month, sometimes with free sheep skulls/balls in Iceland.
GM Pyro > besides, if I had to say that, I wouldn't be able to say otherwise would I?
GM Haggis > There is a fridge at the end of the hall
GM Pyro > you can keep that stuff in iceland, I'll keep the beer
GM Haggis > that is full of soda
GM Haggis > all the soda a man could ever want
GM Haggis > and I can help myself
GM Haggis > whenever I like
GM Pyro > soda? I have one in the office here full of beer
ISD Athechu > Yukionno Takeda asks question: do you breed special hamsters for server running or do you just buy new ones from the local pet store when they eventually ware out?
GM Grave > Also, no-one here ever quits really, so I guess that must be a good sign. Except when you have to kill a senior to get their job.
GM Grave > I think Haggis interbreeds with them personally.
GM Ocelot > lol
GM Pyro > ^^this
ISD Tipene > kais58 raise a very important questions. When can we expect permabands next great hit?
GM Haggis > Sometime after the first one I hope
GM Grave > Ask Guard next week on FFTV.
GM Ocelot > You will have to ask GM Nova and Guard that question.
ISD Athechu > Globby asks What is the most emarrassing moment you've ever had as a GM?
GM Grave > This week, I deleted someones skills... next question...
GM Pyro > I think I lost someone's entire hangar one day, I found it eventually though
GM Haggis > I have only been here 8 months so haven't had many yet
GM Grave > I'm one of the poster boys for the FF pub crawl, just look through those photos...
GM Grave > Haggis lies.
GM Haggis > Ok ok
GM Haggis > None of the ones that have happened are rated PG-13
ISD Athechu > Morag Ondr asks do GM's talk to Hilmar much?
GM Grave > I once put ice down Hilmars neck at FanFest, but I was a player :)
GM Ocelot > Hmm...I haven't had one but I know of a pretty funny one. A GM banning his own GM account and then being unable to unban him self.
GM Pyro > whenever I see him, though I'm in Atlanta so that's not too often
GM Grave > When I was new to the company, I was still able to write an e-mail to Hilmar, and sit down for a meeting to work on some issues. Hard to beat as a CEO.
GM Haggis > He is around the office chatting a lot, and our for beers with us quite a bit too
GM Haggis > So yes, we see him a lot
GM Grave > At 3am sitting outside an Icelandic bar, answering work e-mails. Dedication.
ISD Tipene > How would you descibe an average GM team night out on the town?
GM Haggis > Messy
GM Grave > The last one was a total failure, 11pm home time...
GM Grave > However next week, there shall be GM pub crawls!
GM Haggis > TBH The GM department doesn't really *do* nights out, we do CCP nights out ALLL the time though
GM Pyro > last time I did one of those I had the cops around my apartment at 5am due to noise complaints
ISD Tipene > Kenji wants to know can he send you baked goods in the post?
GM Haggis > I love gifts
GM Pyro > We've had that happen here before
GM Grave > We do receive some... interesting mail.
GM Haggis > Baked goods would have issues getting past icelandic customs
GM Haggis > as in they would eat them
GM Grave > But veto baked the GM dept a cake once.
GM Haggis > I know SOMEONE upstairs got flowers from a player last month
ISD Tipene > and I think a last question, did you guys model your avatars on yourself or are they just how you wished you looked?
GM Grave > I know someone accross the room got flowers in September lol
GM Haggis > I look exactly like my avatar
GM Haggis > Tribal tattos and everything
GM Grave > Look how cool my avatar is compared to these guys.
GM Pyro > I went for classic Winmatar
GM Grave > In broad daylight he also has an epic beer gut too.
GM Haggis > You're avatar looks like Santa sitting on the toilet, gravyboat
GM Grave > I think I have some petitions to assign to you... enjoy.
ISD Athechu > Azural Arnst asks What are the GM's favorite EVE races?
GM Ocelot > Heh I just pressed the random button and it turned out pefect for my name.
GM Haggis > I like the 100 meter sprint
GM Grave > Deteis.
GM Haggis > (Gallente fo' lyfe)
GM Pyro > Brutor, gotta have my fun
GM Ocelot > Gallente
GM Grave > Caldari 4tw, I own the merch too.
GM Pyro > apparently no one likes amarr
GM Grave > They wear bed sheets, pft.
ISD Tipene > Right I think that about wraps this up today.
ISD Athechu > Well unfortunally that is all the time we have for today. I would like to thank GM Grave, Haggis, Ocelot, and Pyro for taking time to come talk to us.  :)
GM Grave > Cheers, fly safe.
GM Haggis > Fly safe all o7
ISD Athechu > A full transcript of this can be found
GM Pyro > Have fun and fly safe people....or don't....that's why we have cloning technology
GM Ocelot > Meow
ISD Tipene > follow our twitter feed at @isd_star for news about any other events like this we have planned

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