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This page will answer your most frequent questions. To Ask a question, use the "Discussion" page. Your question will be answered here.


Searching EVE lopedia

  1. What's the best way to search the wiki?
    Use your favorite search engine. Start the search with "eve online" + subject. Usually EVElopedia articles come up among the first.

Editing EVE lopedia

  1. Can trial accounts edit the wiki?
    Only paid accounts can edit the wiki to reduce the risk of vandalism.
  2. How do I rename/move a page?
    As a user, you cannot rename a page. Add a comment in the Discussion Page so a moderator can check it, or alternatively mark the page as being a candidate for renaming with the {{move}} template.
  3. How do I delete a page?
    As a user, you cannot delete a page. Add a comment in the Discussion Page so a moderator can check it, or alternatively mark the page as being a candidate for improvement or deletion with the {{rfiod}} template.
  4. The article I wanted to edit is protected. Can I change that?
    It depends on the lock. If the page is locked as it has outstanding edits to be approved you will have to wait for them to be approved. If the page is an 'official' page then you can make suggestions in the page's discussion page to the moderation team.
  5. Are we allowed to create new templates?
    Yes. However ensure first there is not already a template to do the formatting you are looking for. Your template must be called : Template:TemplateName. You can find a list of useful templates at the template listing page.
  6. How can I create a numbered list like this one?
    Use the # symbol in front of the question and the #: in front of the answer
    Example :
    # This is the question
    #: This is the answer
  7. While waiting for article validation can another person edit my edit?
    Normally there is a period of time after the page is first created where the creator of the page can edit it. Any other person cannot edit it during this time until it is approved.
  8. What is the proper way to set up/request a redirect to be made?
    To set up a redirect you have to create a new page you want to redirect from and add: #REDIRECT [[PAGENAME]]
  9. Is there a policy on providing references? Is there a proper way to cite references if we have them?
    References are not enforced here, simply because this wiki is intended to be the source of information and documentation for EVE eventually. You can use the following format code proposed by a contributor:
    At the bottom of the article:
    with a list of the references.


  1. Should we use American English or British English?
    Use whichever you use or like the best. Refrain from using slang or abbreviations that might not be known by an international audience.
  2. Can I write a page in a different language (French, German, Russian, etc.)?
    For now, EVElopedia is stricly limited to English. You must translate your pages in English, and all non-English content will be removed by the moderation team.


  1. How do I create an account for the EVElopedia?
    You don't need to create any account. You use with EVElopedia the same login credentials you use with your game account. EVElopedia edition is only available for paying accounts.
  2. I created a page with the wrong character.
    The character or contributor name that is shown on the the page is actually your current character. To change the name on pages, you just have to change your default character name under your preferences page.

About Evelopedia

  1. What about localized versions of EVElopedia?
    There are no known plans to translate the Evelopedia in the near future.
  2. How can I become a moderator for the EVElopedia?
    You can join the YARR team by applying here.
  3. Can anybody see my email-address?
    Your email address and personal information is hidden from other users.
  4. Is it possible to get email-notifications?
    If you want to follow editions on a page, you can add it to your Watch List by clicking on the Watch Tab at the top of the screen. You can define your Watchlist settings from your personal preferences.
  5. Where shall we report bugs within the EVElopedia?
    Bug reports should be sent by email to
  6. Why is some data such as the products NPCs sell not in the item database?
    The Item Database that existed before EVElopedia used an old database export which included this data as well as some other information. This was removed from the export in July 2008 and a forum reply by CCP PrismX stated:
    Well, it should really never have been included. This is basicaly meta-data and could allow people to get an advantage they couldn't otherwise get in game. Something like finding out what is being sold in regions they've never been in would be a good example.
    The full post can be read here as well as in the thread that this issue was brought up in here.

EVE Online Forums

If you want to find out more see the EVE forums. EVE Forums
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