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Common Problems And Solutions

In this page we will list common problems that players have ingame, this is not a list of bugs but rather a list of things that players might be confused with or have a lack of knowledge of. Before you make a petition about something, read over this list. If you can't find a solution to your problem here, check our known issues page or make a petition .

Some of this information can be found elsewhere in the wiki, but this page is intended as a brief list of the most frequent questions/problems that crop up for easy reference.

Problems Finding Info in EVE lopedia

Just do a Google search starting with "eve online" usually the EVElopedia article comes up first. Same thing with the EVE forums.

Problems With The Webpage

  • Trying to login to Account Management to renew or cancel your subscription and are not able to do so? Make sure you are using the correct login page, many people actually try logging into the forums (which doesn't work on an inactive account) to access the account page! Here is the correct link to the account management page: Account Management.
  • Another common issue with logging into an expired account is a copy-paste browser issue. Sometimes if you copy paste something from your browser it adds a space before or after the word that you are pasting, if this happens to your password for example then it won't work. To fix this simply first paste the password into the URL field of your browser, or Notepad, and then copy it again (without the extra space this time) and paste it into the password field.
  • Can't remember your character name, which is preventing you from logging into account management? Then make a petition
  • Can't remember your password? Use this link to retrieve it: forgot password page

Standings Problems

  • Is your standing not working? Try logging out and back in then, sometimes you need to log out and back in to properly update your new standings after raising it during the same play session.
  • Are you losing standings with your favorite faction because you are doing missions for another faction?

If so then first check the faction blocks The rule of the thumb is: Amarr and Caldari are allies. Gallente and Minmatar are allies. Amarr/Caldari are enemies of Gallente/Minmatar. If you are afraid of losing standing with the Amarr for example, then don't do missions for Gallente or Minmatar agents. You can also check who a particular NPC faction likes or dislikes by opening their show infow window (search for them via "People and Places") and it will list what factions they like or dislike there.

  • Are you being attacked in Empire space by the faction police? This *might* be because you have very low standing with the Empire faction that controls the system. If you have less than -5 standing with the Empire faction that controls the system you are in, then they may attack you. To prevent this you should train up the Diplomacy skill, each level of that skill raises the "cap" before the Empire faction starts to attack you (the initial cap being -5).
  • Another reason for being attacked by the faction police is if you have low security status . To fix that you should take out rats in asteroid belts to improve your security rating, some missions also help in that regard.
  • Are you suddenly not able to use any agents for an NPC faction? Check your standings with that faction, if it drops below -2 then you will no longer be able to use most of the agents that work for that faction, regardless of your corporation or personal agent standings. You can fix this by doing missions for low quality level 1 agents of that faction, or other factions that are friendly towards the faction you have low standings with. Only storyline missions raise your faction standings, normal missions do not.

Market and Trading

  • Is a player asking for a player to player trade to sell you a ship, and refuses to use contracts? Most like this is a scam! Players can rename their normal Raven into "Caldari Navy Raven" for example, and fool you into paying far more than it's worth. Be wary of such scams, especially in Jita. You can also avoid being scammed in this way by checking the attributes of the renamed ship, it will show the attribute of a normal Raven.
  • The Market should not be used to transfer ISK between characters. The market works in a complex way, and you cannot choose which character gets the ISK for a market transaction. There is no guarantee your alt or friend who is selling the item will be matched with your buy order.
  • Do you have ships located in a 0.0 station that you no longer have access to, which has damaged crystals in them but want to sell the item on the market? Feel free to petition and customer support will destroy the crystals. However we will not repair any items, hence if you have damaged items there you will not be able to sell them. This is by design, losing access to the station where your goods are located is part of the game, and your only option in that case is to use diplomacy to acquire access to your goods, or take the station by force.
  • Did the buy order you tried to sell to not work? This could be because someone else got to it first, but it could also be because the person who created the buy order could not afford it. This scenario is possible if the buy order creator has trained the Margin Trading skill before he made the order. Buy orders from other players are not guaranteed to work. We do not reimburse for this, so do not bank on a buy order working before you try to sell your goods!

Combat Problems

  • Did you just get killed by a pirate in high-sec and no CONCORD came to help you? This is because for some reason he had aggression against you, allowing him to attack you without reprisal from CONCORD. The most common tactic by high-sec pirates to do this is to "flip your can", read this guide on can flipping.
  • "The target I'm fighting is getting remote repaired by someone else. Not fair". This is called "neutral repping", and is allowed gameplay. Repairing a player's ship is perfectly fine, as the neutral repper will become criminally flagged to you if you are shooting at the target while he's repairing him. An exception to that rule is when the target is in the same corporation as you, but that's by design.
  • Did you just get blasted apart by Sansha in a high-sec system, by NPCs who shouldn't belong there? This is probably because the system you are in is part of a Sansha Incursion. You can read more about this feature here
  • Getting lots of lag in a large fleet fight? Maybe your fleet commanders forgot to send in a notification about it to our staff prior to the previous downtime. In that case the system may not have been put on a dedicated node during downtime, which means it won't be able to handle as much load. The fleet fight notification page can be found here .
  • Are you not able to board a ship in space? That could be because it's locked. You cannot board a ship in space that is locked (targeted) and is also owned by someone else (i.e. the last person in it was not you).

Aggression Mechanics and Logout Timers

  • Did you get CONCORDED and want to know why? Check out this page on the criminal flagging system.
  • Did you get a "session change" message when trying to dock or jump? Check out the session change timer guide.
  • Did you log out and later come back to find your ship destroyed? That's because your ship does not instantly disappear when you log out, it emergency warps away if it isn't warp scrambled but it will remain in space for a certain amount of time.

In essence if you have been attacked or have attacked another player within 15 minutes of logging out, your ship will stay in space for another 15 minutes after you log out. If you have been in PVE (fighting NPCs), your ship will disappear after 2 minutes. Otherwise it will disappear after 1 minute. Players can scan you down during this time period, and destroy your ship while you are offline if they are fast enough. Check out this information on pvp logout timers pvp logout timer.

  • Worth noting is that Crucible changed the pvp logout timer so that you will remain in space indefinitely (or until downtime) if another player keeps aggressing you after you log off. This doesn't affect you if you log out without a pvp timer.

Player Owned Stations

  • Did you get attacked by a friendly Starbase? That's probably because the owner of the Starbase configured it wrong. The most common reason for this is that the Starbase is using the Attack if standing is lower than mechanic, and the owner does not have standing set to the corporation of the player. Setting the standing towards the player himself or his alliance is insufficent! Only standing towards the player's corporation affects this mechanic.
  • Another reason for friendly POS fire is the aggression setting. Be warned that having this setting turned on can result in friendly POS fire. Use it at your own risk.

Exploration Problems

  • "I finished an exploration site but got no escalation." This most likely means that you got a dead-end. Exploration sites are not guaranteed to give an escalation, the same site might sometimes give an escalation and sometimes a dead-end. It's partly luck based.
  • Having problems figuring out how probing works? Read this guide from the Apocrypha expansion, which is when the probing system received a major overhaul. Also this video tutorial is very helpful.
  • Stuck in a wormhole and can't get out? Unless a bug threw you into the wormhole space, there is most likely nothing customer support can do about this. Venturing into wormhole space is always risky business, and you should never go into wormhole space unless you have probes with you to find a new wormhole. Wormholes collapse and are reborn all the time, so the wormhole that you used to get into the system might be gone when you try to get out, leaving you stranded there! To get out you might have to self-destruct your pod.
  • Did you get no good loot from the exploration boss you just killed? This is because they generally don't have a 100% guarantee of dropping faction loot, sometimes you are unlucky and they drop just meta modules or ammo. This is a balance issue, if too many faction items dropped it would devalue the module market.

PLEX Problems

  • Trial accounts cannot transfer PLEXs through contracts or the market. They must do a player to player trade in a station for that.
  • Lost your PLEX when your ship was destroyed? There is nothing customer support can do about that, unless there was a verifiable bug or exploit that caused the ship loss. PLEXs are considered the same as any other item, they can be lost in space and fall under the same reimbursement rules. Be very careful when transporting them in space!
  • Need to get into your account to add a PLEX to it? Check this link for further information.

Epic Arc Problems

  • Can't find the starting agents for the arcs? You can find more information on that here
  • Didn't receive the standing reward for completing one of the epic arcs? There is a known issue with that currently, simply petition customer service and they will give you the standing you should have received.

Mission Problems

  • Is the mission site not spawning after downtime? Check this page for possible solutions before you send in a petition: no mission site after downtime.
  • Can't find a critical object in the mission? Such as a beacon you need to fly to etc. Then go to your overview settings and enable Large Collidable Structures (found in the Entity group list) and Large Collidable Objects (found in the Celestial group list). Alternatively you can simply hit the "select all" button in the overview settings, just make sure you change it back to the standard setup afterwards to prevent overview clutter.
  • Just started and don't know which agent to talk to? Try a Career Agent, if the tutorial doesn't show you the career advancement window with the agents, you can open it by pressing F12 and pressing the button "Show Career Agents". Also try out the first Epic Arc, the agent to speak to to kick-start that arc is "Sister Alitura". You can find her by using your People and Places window.
  • Found an agent near a stargate that won't speak to you despite having a very high standing towards his/her corp and faction? There are a few agents like that who require a very high standing with their faction before they will even think about offering you their mission. The standing requirement (to their faction) ranges from 8.5 to 9.9, they won't offer you any mission until you meet their specific requirement, and their mission is once-per-character, i.e. you can only complete it once.
  • Having problems with the mission After the Seven (4 of 5) , where the mission won't complete after you have brought the kidnapped citizens to the agent? That's because you are supposed to drop them off into the Stolen CONCORD ship inside the mission site, then return to the agent.
  • Are you not getting faction standing while in a fleet? That's by design, faction standings (for storyline missions) aren't shared between fleet members, only corp and agent personal standings.

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