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The Fiction Portal is your main source of official EVE lore.

It is maintained by CCP personnel and Mercury volunteers, and is updated regularly with new content.

Comments? Questions? If you have something to say about a specific article, click its "Discussion" tab and add a comment there. If you have a general comment on the Fiction Portal and its lore, on the other hand, please post it in the official EVE Fiction forum section.

Also, be sure to follow the official Fiction Portal Changelog thread in the EVE Fiction forum section using an RSS reader of your choice. New and edited article links will be posted in that thread as they become available.

Latest Additions and Updates

September 2015

Article Updates

  • Angel Cartel - Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about the central authority of the infamous criminal enterprise.
  • Hedion University - A detailed overview of the Amarr Empire's major education institutions.

New Articles

  • Kelen Ontbad - The life and times of the third place YC117 Gallente Presidential Election candidate.


Thanks to ISD Archetys Traum, ISD Theris Radald and ISD Sheliak Mesarthim for their work on this batch of articles.

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Fiction Portal administration: Mercury

EVElopedia administration: The YARR team

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